Brady Forrest on Where 2.0

by Daniel H. Steinberg

This year's Where 2.0 conference has just ended and Brady Forrest is already thinking about next year's show. Where 2.0 2007 is scheduled for June 19 and 20 back at the Fairmont hotel in San Jose. Brady co-chaired this year's conference with Nat Torkington. The pair announced that Brady will be the conference chair next year. Here's Brady's take on what stood out for him most at this year's show and what he's looking forward to next year. (1 minute, 41 seconds)

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Daniel H. Steinberg is the editor for the new series of Mac Developer titles for the Pragmatic Programmers. He writes feature articles for Apple's ADC web site and is a regular contributor to Mac Devcenter. He has presented at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference, MacWorld, MacHack and other Mac developer conferences.