by Daniel H. Steinberg

This week we look at two metaphors for open source. Scott Yara says that open source is like rock and roll while Robert Lefkowitz says that open source is like a tomato. Did you get your five a day? Finally, we listen in on a new podcast that David Battino has launched on digital audio. (DTF 09-18-2006: 23 minutes, 20 seconds)

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Distributing the Future September 18, 2006: "Metaphor"

0:50 Open Source is like Rock and Roll

Scott Yara from Greenplum thinks he's found an apt metaphor for open source. He thinks it edgy and dangerous like rock and roll. (6:07)

6:57 No, No, Open Source Is like a Tomato

Robert "r0ml" Lefkowitz disagrees. He thinks that open source is like a tomato. You'll hear how he refines this metaphor as he explores everything from the "fruit versus vegetable" aspect to the advice to get five servings each day. (13:24)

20:21 Digital Media Insider

David Battino edits the audio content on our Digital Media site. He also composed and performed the DTF theme song. He's just launched a podcast to explore some of the audio behind the articles on the site. We are excerpting from the debut show with songwriter and Pro Tools guru Gina Fant-Saez. (2:31)

Total running time: 23:20

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Production Notes

The initial montage is from Tim O'Reilly, recorded at OSCON '04 and in a phone interview with Doug Kaye of IT Conversations, and is used with permission. "The future is here, it's just not evenly distributed yet" is a quote from author William Gibson that Tim used with attribution.

The credits, including special thanks to David Battino for composing and performing the theme music. David can be found at and also edits O'Reilly's Digital Audio site. David provided a lot of help and feedback getting this program launched. We used Soundtrack Pro, Bias Peak, and Audio Hijack Pro to put it together.

Daniel H. Steinberg is the editor for the new series of Mac Developer titles for the Pragmatic Programmers. He writes feature articles for Apple's ADC web site and is a regular contributor to Mac Devcenter. He has presented at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference, MacWorld, MacHack and other Mac developer conferences.

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