Spirituality and Altruism

by Daniel H. Steinberg

What is a show on technology doing focusing on spirituality and altruism? Craig Warren Smith will help you see the connections between computing and spirituality and Tor Norretranders will convince you that altruism is to humans what ornate tail feathers are to the peacock. (DTF 10-23-2006: 25 minutes, 30 seconds)

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Distributing the Future October 23, 2006: "Spirituality and Altruism"

0:55 Spirituality

Spiritual Computing is not a concept you hear about every day. Craig Warren Smith of the Human Interface Technology Laboratory of the University of Washington explains why major companies are interested in exploring the possibilities. Web 2.0 works well with the core ideas and Smith also sees Human Resources and Marketing benefits to companies. We caught up with him at this year's FOO camp. (9:15)

10:10 Creativity and Community in Second Life

Tor Norretranders is an independent author, thinker, and lecturer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. This piece is excerpted from his EuroOSCON keynote formally titled "Attention, Please! Who are We?"(14:46)

Total running time: 28:30

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Production Notes

The initial montage is from Tim O'Reilly, recorded at OSCON '04 and in a phone interview with Doug Kaye of IT Conversations, and is used with permission. "The future is here, it's just not evenly distributed yet" is a quote from author William Gibson that Tim used with attribution.

The credits, including special thanks to David Battino for composing and performing the theme music. David can be found at and also edits O'Reilly's Digital Audio site. David provided a lot of help and feedback getting this program launched. We used Soundtrack Pro, Bias Peak, and Audio Hijack Pro to put it together. We also ran it through the levelator.

Daniel H. Steinberg is the editor for the new series of Mac Developer titles for the Pragmatic Programmers. He writes feature articles for Apple's ADC web site and is a regular contributor to Mac Devcenter. He has presented at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference, MacWorld, MacHack and other Mac developer conferences.

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