Web 2.0 Podcast - a look ahead

by Daniel H. Steinberg

The Web 2.0 Summit 2006 wrapped up last night. Two and one half days jam packed with sessions. You'll get to hear and see most of them in this Web 2.0 podcast stream. Next week Tim O'Reilly and John Battelle kick our podcast off with their look at Web 2.0. You'll then hear conversations with Google's Eric Schmidt, IAC's Barry Diller, The New York Times' Arthur Sulzberger, Jr., and Alibaba's Jack Ma. Today's podcast is a preview of coming attractions and is brought to you by the Intel Software Partner Program (

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Daniel H. Steinberg is the editor for the new series of Mac Developer titles for the Pragmatic Programmers. He writes feature articles for Apple's ADC web site and is a regular contributor to Mac Devcenter. He has presented at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference, MacWorld, MacHack and other Mac developer conferences.