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XTRA JXTA: The P2P/Web Services Connection

by Richard Koman

JXTA is Sun-led project to develop an open source peer-to-peer (P2P) framework. JXTA is integral to Sun's SunONE Web services strategy. Intended to be language-agnostic, it's much more XML-based than Java-oriented, but it's something many Java developers will likely face as they develop in the context of distributed computing and services.

This package looks at some of the advanced capabilities and features available, or at least feasible, in the JXTA framework, such as search and chat and more. Perhaps more importantly, it looks at how JXTA does, indeed, tie together Web services and P2P. Learn more about JXTA, Web Services and P2P at O'Reilly's Peer-to-Peer and Web Services Conference, November 5-8 in Washington, DC.

Convergence of Peer and Web Services (openp2p.com)
P2P and Web services, currently divergent ideas, will converge into a single architecture, writes Jeff Schneider, a P2P developer working with JXTA.

JXTA Takes Its Position (openp2p.com)
Rael Dornfest explains the architecture of JXTA, and analyzes the framework's impact on P2P.

JXTA Search: A look at the future of searching (openp2p.com)
Searching on the Web -- through an index of keywords often weeks old -- is ridiculous. JXTA Search, the marriage of P2P searching and Sun's Project JXTA, promises to turn searching into a real-time endeavor. We talk to JXTA Search developers Gene Kan and Steve Waterhouse.

JXTA Chat, Sans Server (openp2p.com)
Clip2 finds JXTA a powerful tool for writing fully decentralized applications.

Learning the JXTA Shell (openp2p.com)
The JXTA shell brings the good ol' *nix command line to P2P. Rael Dornfest provides a first-look tutorial on how to use the shell.

Hello, JXTA! (ONJava.com)
Raffi Krikorian gives us an insider's view of JXTA, and how it can be used to develop a simple "Hello World" P2P application.

Li Gong: JXTA All About Community (openp2p.com)
Leading a BOF at JavaOne 2001, JXTA engineering director Li Gong explained which P2P problems JXTA attacks, and emphasized that the project is a community effort.

The Trouble with JXTA (openp2p.com)
Is JXTA a giant step forward for P2P developers? Au contraire, says Freenet developer Adam Langley; Sun's P2P protocols offers little but bloat.

Richard Koman is a freelancer writer and editor based in Sonoma County, California. He works on SiliconValleyWatcher, ZDNet blogs, and is a regular contributor to the O'Reilly Network.

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