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Announcing the 2005 ONJava Reader Survey

by Chris Adamson, ONJava Editor

Who are you? Where are you? What do you do? These are the questions that we periodically ask our readership, in the form of the ONJava Reader Survey. And it's that time again.

The 2005 ONJava Reader Survey is now open. This is your opportunity to let us know what you're using, what you're watching and waiting for, and what you'd like to see from ONJava in the future. The survey is about 20 questions long, a mixture of multiple-choice and free-response questions, and will only take a few minutes to complete.

What we get out of the survey is a view of where the audience is right now. Previous surveys have shown us the rise of Eclipse and Hibernate, the popularity of web frameworks like Struts and Spring, and the utter ubiquity of Ant. It's also been something of a reality check on heavily marketed products and projects that have not been able to capture the attention or loyalty of Java developers.

We use these results to plan the editorial direction of the site. Knowing what you're already using--and perhaps more importantly, what you're interested in but not using yet--helps us work with authors to secure the kind of articles that will interest you and help further your development efforts.

And there's more in it for you: prizes. Or, as our advertising coordinator put it, "lots of prizes." Prizes for randomly selected survey participants include $100 gift certificates for O'Reilly titles, Make magazine subscriptions, O'Reilly t-shirts, and copies of the latest issue of Make magazine.

So that's it: you get to tell us what you want to see on ONJava, we get a better idea of what you're up to, and if your number is picked, you get an O'Reilly prize. What's not to like? Please go ahead and take the survey.

Chris Adamson is an author, editor, and developer specializing in iPhone and Mac.

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