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Storing an XML Document in Apache Xindice
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Adding an XML Document to the Database

Next, add an example XML document to the database collection, catalog. The example XML document is as follows:

<catalog title="OnJava.com" publisher="OReilly"> 
 <journal date="Sept 2005"> 
   <title>What Is a Portlet</title>
   <author> Sunil Patil</author>
 <journal date="Sept 2005">
   <title>What Is Hibernate</title>
   <author>James Elliott</author>
 <journal date="Oct 2003">
   <title>BCEL Maven and CSS with Swing</title>
   <author>Daniel Steinberg</author>

Use the command-line tool to add an XML document to the Xindice database with the command:

>xindice ad -c xmldb:xindice://localhost:7001/db/catalog  
 -f c:/xindice/catalog.xml -n catalog.xml

This adds the catalog.xml document to the catalog collection, printing the confirmation:

Added document 

Next, we shall add a collection with the XML:DB API. Import the XML:DB API and core server classes, which are listed in the previous section. Create and register the database driver as in the "Creating a Collection in the Database" section. Obtain the catalog collection from the database:

Collection collection = DatabaseManager.getCollection

Obtain a Document object for the XML document to be added to the database.

DocumentBuilderFactory factory = 
File datafile = new File("c:/Xindice/catalog.xml");
DocumentBuilder builder = factory.newDocumentBuilder();
Document document = builder.parse(datafile);

Create an ID for the XML document resource to be added to the collection. The ID associates the collection with an identifier. Create a org.xmldb.api.modules.XMLResource for the XML document to add from the collection. The XMLResource object represents an XML resource, such as a Document object, in the Xindice database. Set the content of the XMLResource from the Document object. Add the XML resource to the collection.

String  resourceID = collection.createId();

XMLResource resource = (XMLResource) 

This adds the XML document to the database collection.

Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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