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Managing and Monitoring JBoss, Part 1

JBoss is a J2EE-1.4-certified, open source application server with more than a million downloads to date, so if you're not developing with JBoss yet, it may be time to give it another look. To that end, we're offering this two-part excerpt from JBoss: A Developer's Notebook. But before we delve into what this excerpt offers, you might like to know what the book itself has to offer.

As with all of the books in our Developer Notebook series, JBoss: A Developer's Notebook provides practical hands-on labs that take you through the application server's critical features step by step--you don't just read about JBoss, you apply it. The book's nine labs explore JBoss installation, its many configurations, deployment security, persistence, and more.

JBoss: A Developer's Notebook also introduces the Web Console, an advanced version of the JMX Console, and that brings us to today's excerpt: In part one of Chapter 8's "Managing and Monitoring JBoss" you'll learn how to get started using the Web Console, how to work with its enhanced monitoring capabilities as well as MBeans, and how to create snapshots of your data over regular intervals.

Check back in next week for part two, where we'll cover how to create and monitor your application via the Web Console, as well as how to create email alerts, and how to manage JBoss from the command line.

Download part one of Chapter 8 from JBoss: A Developer's Notebook (PDF, 437K).

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