Date: Nov 16 1998
From: David Downie

Thanks for your response. I was interested in how open source advocates could state `All software should be Opensource', but that books could be tightly regulated for profit.

After reading your response it appears that you have never advocated that all software should be opensource, but rather in some circumstances the open source development methodology can be harnessed to produce a very high quality product that is free for all. However, it may be that this isn't your goal, or you may believe that the adoption of such a methodology may not be optimal for your particular product. Further, you believe that there is no *moral* obligation to adopt such a methodology, for your work is your own unless you choose to give it to others.

That all sounds reasonable to me. Originally I thought Stallman was right in his criticism and your involvement smacked of hypocrisy. As it turns out, I wasn't fully aware of exactly what your stance was.


David Downie.

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