March 2004

From: Hugh Nelson
Subject: RepKover Binding Come Back

I really miss the RepKover bindings. When telling my friends about why I loved your books so much, after explaining how well the books were written, I would show off the binding. To me the RepKover bindings were one of the things that made O'Reilly books really great.

Seriously, the RepKover bindings bring *a lot* of value to me because I like to read when I eat lunch. With a RepKover book, I could set the book on the table, open to virtually any page, and I could be reasonably sure that the book would stay open when I took my hands off of it. Now, your books snap shut when I let go of them.

Is there any chance for the RepKover bindings to come back? I have thought about this quite a bit, and I would rather have a more expensive book with a RepKover binding then the less expensive books I am getting now.

Thank you.

Hugh Nelson

Hi Hugh,

We're so happy to be able to tell you, and all the rest of you O'Reilly readers who've sent emails bemoaning the loss of RepKover binding, that lay-flat is back! O'Reilly is immediately reinstating RepKover binding, and going forward, all new books will be produced using this much-loved binding method. As before, books that are too thin or too thick can't be bound this way, but for most O'Reilly titles, readers will be able to once again plunk them down and read without precariously balancing a full cup of coffee between the two halves.

RepKover vs. Perfect Bound
RepKover vs. Perfect Bound

A press release carrying our happy announcement is online: O'Reilly Brings Back RepKover Lay-Flat Bindings. And if you're interested in more about the binding process, Jim Mitchell of Malloy Lithographing, one of O'Reilly's two printers, offers an in-depth explanation of the standards and specifications for RepKover/Otabind binding methods.

Thanks for your patience and your patronage.


Mary Hubben

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