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I've finally cracked the code. In "Build a Simple MP3 Player for Your Site," I discovered how to create links that would magically open an MP3 player in a compact window (see Figure 1). No longer would visitors be booted onto a blank page or bamboozled by mysterious plugin errors when clicking an MP3 link. Creating the links was simple, too, thanks to a Dreamweaver extension I included with the article. Now web designers could create pop-up music links with a few clicks and visitors could play the music with a single click. Or so I thought.

Encouraged by the response (that article became one of our most popular), I followed with "Build an Enhanced MP3 Player for Your Site," which showed how to add a photo, caption, and textured background to the pop-up player (see Figure 2).

Where to go from there? Readers asked how to add custom text formatting, photographic backgrounds, audio streaming, and playlist support. Several wondered how to get the playback controller bar without using a pop-up window.

Fig. 1. Mac Player

Figure 1. The original audio pop-up audio player as it appears in Firefox on the Mac. Alas, some Windows browsers didn't fare so well.

And a handful asked why the player didn't work.

In most cases, I could trace the problem to a typo the reader had made while entering the code. Omitting the link to the external JavaScript file was another common problem. (When you click a link, the script is supposed to intercept the click and generate the pop-up player by writing HTML to a new window.) Several readers found that upgrading Windows Media Player to the latest version got the audio playing. But still, there were a few reports of errors on the Windows side.

Fig. 2: Enhanced MP3 Player

Figure 2. Version 2 of the pop-up player added spiffy visuals to the audio playback. But problems still lurked inside.

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