Digital Media Insider Podcast 6: Desktop Music in Japan
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Featured Musicians

Kenichi Koyano

Freelance songwriter/arranger Koyano has composed and arranged music for both artists and video games; he also works as a private instructor. He writes a song every month for his music-production series in DTM Magazine. Daigo Yokota notes, "'Silent Sight' is a good demonstration of using only z3ta+ as a melodic instrument in a song. The rhythm track is created with Stylus RMX."

Author's note: In the podcast, I said you could download the full version of "Silent Sight" here. Due to a misunderstanding, we had to remove the file. However, you can still get it (in original WAV format) by buying the January 2007 issue of DTM.

Etsuji Ogawa

Guitarist/songwriter/arranger Ogawa is one of the busiest musicians in Japan, playing on many artists' recordings and stage performances. He also composes songs and jingles for TV programs. Fluent in multiple styles including rock, pop, jazz, and club/dance, he is an accomplished MIDI programmer as well. Daigo Yokota says, "'Chaos' is a good example of his talents—a combination of the real guitar track and the realistic MIDI track played by BFD and Trilogy." Ogawa also writes a song every month for his series in DTM. You can hear more of his music on his site.

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