Digital Media Insider Podcast 7: Express Yourself
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Look Ma—Hands! Choosing and Using MIDI Controllers

If you really want to play today's wonderful software instruments, drop that mouse and grab a dedicated MIDI controller. In this tutorial, you'll hear the dramatic difference controllers make in musical expressivity, and then you'll get buying and usage tips. It features audio and video demos by renowned wind synthesist Matt Traum.

Bring Your MIDI Music to Life

Jim Aikin shares numerous tips on getting the best musical expression out of MIDI controllers—both through playing technique and crafty computer editing.

Inside a Luxury Synth: Creating the Linux-Powered Korg OASYS

This $8,000 super-keyboard fuses unprecedented audio quality with a flexible open-source brain. Create Digital Music's Peter Kirn goes behind the scenes at Korg USA to learn how the designers finally built the dream instrument they'd been planning for 15 years.

The Synful Orchestra: Better Music Through Database Splicing

Eric Lindemann's goal is to help musicians play more expressively, and this inventor, composer, and former session keyboardist has developed some groundbreaking technology to do it. The Synful Orchestra is a new concept in virtual instruments that has audiences buzzing. Here's how it works.

Gary Garritan: A Personal Orchestra for Everyone

Producer Gary Garritan has made it his mission to put a high-quality digital orchestra in your hands—along with extensive free training. Hear how composers have seized the opportunity.


Some of the products and people mentioned in the podcast:

  • Clay Konnor's site for information on the Akai electronic woodwind and valve instruments.
  • Karma Labs Inventor Stephen Kay's site, with numerous demos of his KARMA algorithmic music technology.
  • Patchman Music Proprietor Matt Traum offers loads of information and support for wind synthesis, including a used gear section where he sells out-of-production instruments like the Crumar and Casio horns.

David Battino is the audio editor for O’Reilly’s Digital Media site, the co-author of The Art of Digital Music, and on the steering committee for the Interactive Audio Special Interest Group (IASIG). He also writes, publishes, and performs Japanese kamishibai storycards.

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