The Lightroom 1.1 Library Revealed

by Colleen Wheeler

The next stop after importing your images is the Library module, where you'll do your editing, rating, and sorting. It's also where you can add appropriate keywords and other metadata, as well as perform some basic image processing on one or multiple images at the same time.

You'll be amazed at how easy it is to select, zoom in, and examine images for sharpness and content, as well as compare images in a side-by-side view. No longer will the thought of dealing with hundreds of images seem daunting. It might even seem like an adventure!

Here's a quick tour of the key elements of the Lightroom 1.1 Library module, including an explanation of the new "catalogs" (formerly known as libraries) concept.

Download Lightroom 1.1 Library Module PDF (972KB)

Colleen Wheeler is an editor and writer at O'Reilly Media, where she helps bring to life fabulous books on digital photography, Photoshop, and other graphically inspired subjects.

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