Customizing a Web Gallery
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  • Galleries with a single window containing thumbnail images that when clicked on, display an adjacent full-sized image. This is only available as a Flash style.

Figure 12-22
  • Galleries which consist of a user-controlled slideshow with no thumbnails. This is only available as a Flash style.

Figure 12-23

Create a Title and Description

After you select a template, go to the Site Info pane to add all the pertinent information about your gallery. The Site Info pane for HTML- and Flash-based galleries is pretty much the same, except Identity Plate settings are found in the Site Info pane for HTML and in the Appearance pane for Flash. If you click on the triangle near a text field (circled), you'll get a pop-up menu of previously used text. You can't change the size of the text or the font.

Figure 12-24

Control the Color

In the Color Palette pane, you can change the text colors, background, etc. You'll see a difference between the HTML and Flash versions. Flash galleries tend to be more complex, therefore there are more choices in the Flash version. To change colors in either pane, click on the color swatch. This brings up a color picker where you can make your color selection.

Figure 12-25

Lightroom uses sRGB as its color space for web-destined photos. You can't change this, nor would you likely want to.

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