Customizing a Web Gallery
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Change and Control Thumbnails

Both HTML and Flash thumbnails are controlled from the Appearance pane. You cannot change the size of the HTML thumbnails, but you can control how many appear on an index page via Grid Pages. Click on the grid to reduce or expand the number of cells.

Figure 12-26

If you select Show Cell Numbers, each cell will contain a sequential number (circled), the visibility of which is dependent on the particular template or your color choices in the Color Palette pane. Figure 12-27

Figure 12-27

In the Flash Appearance pane, you can choose where the thumbnails appear, how they are displayed, and what their size will be. Click on the triangle to the right of Layout (circled) and a pop-up menu appears with choices. Slideshow Only removes the thumbnails entirely.

Figure 12-28

You can set the thumbnails on the left (top), use a paginated option (center), or have them set for scrolling (bottom).

You have a choice of four thumbnail sizes from the Size pop-up menu: Extra Large, Large, Medium, and Small.

Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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