Customizing a Web Gallery
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Preview & Create a Custom Preset

When you are finished, you can Preview your Web gallery in a browser by clicking the Preview in Browser button in the toolbar. Your gallery will eventually open in your default web browser. If you are satisfied with the results, make a User Template by selecting Web→New Template from the menu bar. Name your template and place it in the User folder or create a new folder and put it there.

Figure 12-33

Publish your Work Online

Figure 12-34

Lightroom will place your finished Web gallery directly onto a server of your choice. In the Upload Settings pane (HTML and Flash are the same) select Edit from the pop-up menu (circled).

In the Configure FTP File Transfer dialog box, fill out the appropriate address, password, etc. Pay particular attention to the fact that Lightroom saves your password in plain text, which can be readable by anyone with access to your computer. Also note that many servers require the passive mode for data transfers, but not all. I had to turn this option off in order to successfully upload a gallery to my site.

Figure 12-35

Click the Upload button at the bottom of the right panel, and as long as you are online, Lightroom will do the rest. You can also export the files to a location of your choice and place them manually on your site.

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