John Paul Caponigro
Derrick Story and John Paul Caponigro at Photoshop World.

During my stay in Orlando at Photoshop World, I had a chance to visit with photographer and fine art printing expert John Paul Caponigro. One of John Paul's passions is the Epson Print Academy, and he gives us an inside peek in the Academy from color management to fine art workflow.

Speaking of color management, I love one of JP's comments about it: "Yes it is rocket science, but you don't need to be a scientist to drive a rocket." He believes that color management can be comprehensible and brings this belief to his teaching.

Finally, I just had to ask JP about his favorite printing surfaces. Usually I ask photographers about their camera equipment. But since John Paul is equally well known for his fine art printing, I thought we'd go that direction instead.

It's a terrific chat that I think you'll very much enjoy.

(Digital Media Podcast Series: Photoshop World 2008, 13 minutes, 39 seconds)

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