Inside Lightroom 2 - Exclusive Interview

by Derrick Story
Lightroom 2

Lightroom 2 is brimming with enhancements for all its modules. I interview Tom Hogarty, Adobe Senior Product Manager for Lightroom, and Frederick Johnson, Adobe Senior Marketing Manager, to find out their favorite features in this latest release of Adobe's comprehensive photo management application.

At the top of the show, I stated that the audience listening to this podcast should already be familiar with Lightroom. So I wanted to bypass the basic introduction and get right to the good stuff. Tom and Frederick were totally onboard with that approach. So we dove right in to the new editing tools in the Develop module.

Believe or not, that was just the warm up. Tom also covered the new sharpening tools, using Smart Objects for roundtripping to Photoshop, export improvements, APIs, metadata tips, and more. Investing 20 minutes in this podcast can save your hours on your own.

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For a more in depth exploration of Lightroom 2.0, you might want to consider Mikkel Aaland's Lightroom 2 Adventure book that's coming out soon. The images in this comprehensive guide were captured during the recent Lightroom Adventure to Tasmania, where a team of top photographers tested the application in the rugged landscape down-under. Here's a helpful introduction to the book:

Adobe created Photoshop Lightroom expressly for photographers, so for Lightroom 2.0, O'Reilly author Mikkel Aaland put a group of top notch photographers together to put the new Lightroom through its paces in another exotic locale. They share their observations, and gorgeous images in the latest Lightroom Adventure book. While the first Lightroom Adventure featured images shot and processed in the ethereal light of Iceland, the Lightroom 2 Adventure shares the teams work caught in the wild beauty of Tasmania. In this lavishly illustrated book, Mikkel Aaland collected what he and his colleagues learned first hand when they used Lightroom to process the images they shot in one of the most beautiful yet challenging photographic locations in the world. Readers can benefit directly from the pros' experience as they reveal their best discoveries for processing and sharing images using Adobe's new image processing tool. Anyone who is serious about creating the best possible images will benefit from the straightforward text and easy-to-follow instructions which are the trademark of the author.

Regardless of how you learn more about Lightroom 2, if you liked version 1.0, I think you'll be thrilled with this new release.