The In a Nutshell series from O'Reilly & Associates provides concise, high-end reference books at low-end prices, for sophisticated computer users who need the facts but not the frills. To the point, authoritative, no-nonsense solutions have always been a trademark of O'Reilly books. The In a Nutshell books raise that philosophy to an art form.

In a Nutshell books have earned a solid reputation in the field as the well-thumbed reference that sits beside the knowledgeable user, programmer, or administrator's keyboard. These lean, focused references offer practical examples for those who live in a deadline-driven world. In a Nutshell books are softcover and range from 364 pages to 628 pages. They sell for $19.95.

The Devil is in the Details

In a Nutshell authors cover critical topics in a concise, easy look-up format. O'Reilly & Associates president and founder Tim O'Reilly explains: "These books aren't tutorials. They take a topic and drill down, expand, and delight the reader by providing useful information the reader didn't even expect to find. This 'leap of usefulness' is crucial to an In a Nutshell book."

Today's Computer Users No Longer Dummies

"The kind of computer books being written really hasn't changed much since the 80s," says Tim O'Reilly. "But the computer users have changed. We're no longer a generation of 'dummies'. Computer users are more sophisticated. They've used computers for years now. They don't need a lot of fluff; they don't need handholding. They want really useful, non-obvious information, and they want it quickly. There's more information in Windows 95 in a Nutshell than in a whole shelf of Windows 95 books."

Andrew Schulman, co-author of Windows 95 in a Nutshell, explains: "We only talk about the interesting, non-trivial, or non-documented areas of windows. We don't walk through all the obvious stuff--we go straight to the secrets.

Deluxe Editions

The Deluxe Editions of the In a Nutshell series combine a softcover book with five complete books on CD-ROM, for a comprehensive but compact package. Examples include:

"These fine packages from O'Reilly have convinced me that there is a place for technical books on CD-ROM after all. The complementary combinations of titles, the huge volume of information that has been edited and validated in the typically painstaking O'Reilly style, and the tremendous discount compared to buying the books individually have few (if any precendents) in computer book publishing." --Dr. Dobb's

What Readers and Critics are Saying About the In a Nutshell Series

"Like every O'Reilly title I've seen, this one [Java in a Nutshell] is excellent! All of the explanation you need, written clearly and enjoyably, but without useless happy talk and hand-holding.... It quickly explained a lot of topics that I didn't quite get when reading other 'more accessible' books...a must have." --Miles Parker

"Photoshop in a an extraordinarily useful desktop reference for Photoshop 4's myriad features. The book is perfect for helping you perform a task you just can't remember how to do. Its 556 pages cover every Photoshop feature and tool, with enough detail to help you accomplish your immediate goal, and practical advice about the best way to use each feature." --Design Tools Monthly, November 1997

"Far and away the best book on the subject... [Java in a Nutshell has] a 'maturity' that's lacking in other books-the overall structure and organization of the books are very well thought out." --Alex Strasheim

"Windows NT in a Nutshell is my favorite NT book. Although its name suggests that this book may offer only simple coverage of NT, it is actually a dense distillation of necessary, practical facts about the operating system. Functions of all NT utilities including those found in Microsoft's NT Resource Kit) are outlined and thoroughly indexed. Pearce also includes the best printed guide to NT's command-line syntax. Best of all, Windows NT in a Nutshell is one of those rare technical books which is small enough to carry in your briefcase at all times--which happens to be what I do." --Delaware Valley Computer User, December 1997

"Everyone who either uses Linux (or would like to), or any of the GNU tools, will appreciate this [Linux in a Nutshell] text as a valuable and exceptional reference. It will help the reader, no matter what his or her level of expertise or knowledge of Linux is. I highly recommend it." --Sys Admin, June 1997

"The best printed Java material is O'Reilly & Associates' Java in a Nutshell. In typical nutshell fashion it is concise, packed with information, and not cluttered with fluff." --Roger Jennings

"In a crowded field where there's so much competition, it's a real pleasure to run across a brand new Photoshop book that clearly stands out from the pack, and also does precisely what it sets out to do. Photoshop in a Nutshell is exactly that kind of unexpected pleasure. This book's aim may sound like the ultimate Photoshop oxymoron: a compact but comprehensive reference to just about everything that you can do in Photoshop, with information organized so that you can find solutions to your Photoshop quandries quickly and easily. That's a pretty ambitious goal for a program as complex and intricate as Photoshop, but Photoshop In A Nutshell does a good job of it. In fact, an amazingly good job. I think most Photoshop users will find its no-nonsense, get-to-the-point approach very useful. Photoshop In A Nutshell is simply the best quick reference guide for Photoshop available today.

"David Flanagan's Java in a Nutshell has quality stamped on its cover and embedded in its acid-free paper. O'Reilly has a reputation for books with terse, accessible writing, and this book is no exception." --Dr. Dobb's, December 1996

"This book [UNIX in a Nutshell] is the perfect desktop reference.... The authors have presented a clear and concisely written book which would make an excellent addition to any UNIX user's library." --SysAdmin, Sept/Oct 1992

"System administrators should consider buying a copy of UNIX in a Nutshell...for each one of their users. The investment will repay itself very quickly in saved time and hassle." --SunExpert, April 1994

"Out of all the NT books I've picked up for research on the topic (I'm writing an intermediate-level NT networking guide for IDG), yours is the best and most informative. Particularly compared with the 1000-page bibles groaning on the shelves of all our fine booksellers. [Windows NT in a Nutshell] is a masterpiece of compression and conciseness at 300 pages. It's the only book I have (other than mine, of course, which is upcoming) that I consider indispensable. What an excellent work." --Rich Grace

Lisa Mann