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Perl Success Stories

Perl Success Story - Perl Tackles HIPAA Compliancy at SUNY Upstate Medical University--This Perl Success Story was submitted by Dietrich Schmitz. He shows us one more example of Perl's flexibility and power.
Perl Success Story - Easy Healthcare Billing with Perl--Marc-Henri Poget, software project manager at the University Hospital of Lausanne, Switzerland, shares his experiences creating a billing application utilizing Perl.
Perl Success Story: The John Cabot University Professor Course/Evaluation System--This story came to me from Ettore Vecchione -- Computer Science Lecturer, IT Specialist, Director of the Computer Learning Center and Chair of the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Science of John Cabot University. Read on to find out how Perl, Apache and MySQL, this Open Source trio, is now playing a lovely tune to the ears of everyone at the University.
Perl Success Story: Findus Helps Finding Books in German Public Libraries--Richard Lippmann, a system administrator for the city of Zindorf in Germany, got tired of paying late fees to his local public library to compensate for his family's voracious appetite for reading. So he called on Perl to help him build Findus, a search utility that now serves up information on the web for more than 2 million books, CDs, and DVDs.
Perl Success Story: The Halifax Herald Limited Project--The Halifax Herald used to spend a lot of time and space dealing with the thousands of daily invoices and monthly statements it generates for advertising customers. That's all been taken care of now that they've become acquqainted with text2pdf PRO and the power of Perl.
Perl Success Story: Perl Keeps Golf Dream Alive--Rob Lauer, a Senior Manager of Systems Development at Charles Jones, LLC, sent this story in about how he utilized Perl to automate and improve his company's monthly sales reporting system. His motivation (besides, of course, getting the job done)? Golf on Fridays. Way to go Rob...and Perl!
Perl Success Story: Perl Helps Heal Swiss Hospital's Database Migration Pain--Marc-Henri Poget, a project manager in the computer department of the University Hospital of Lausanne, Switzerland, sent in this story about how he used Perl to transfer the medical records of 500,000 patients from an Ingres to an Oracle database.
Perl Success Story: Perl is Precious to Venezuelan ISP--Luis Muñoz, a Systems Manager at, sent this story which details how Perl enabled him and his staff of *zero* to streamline and automate provisioning systems at the largest ISP in Venezuela. ¡Viva Perl!
Perl Success Story: Managing Student Affairs with Perl at the University of Papua New Guinea--Perl, through Project Breeze, has made it possible for the School of Natural and Physical Sciences (SNPS) at the University of Papua New Guinea, to accommodate the new academic calendar while handling the affairs of its students with far more accuracy and efficiency.
Perl Success Story: Networked Qualitative Data Analysis with Perl and XML--Patrick Carmichael, a lecturer at the University of Reading in the UK, sent me this story. In addition to teaching teachers to use new technologies, he carries out research into how low-cost network technologies can be used to support civil-society projects, effect social change, and aid in conflict resolution around the world.
Perl Success Story: Bottom-Up Application Programming with Perl--James McGowan, a consultant for Barclays Bank at their technology center in Cheshire, England, sent me this story about an internal ordering system eSL(electronic Service Point) he designed and developed.
Perl Success Story: Perl Provides Document Management and Control for CCRA--

Here is another Perl success story from Jay Lawrence, writing in to the mod_perl mailing list. EDDS is a customized document management system.

Perl Success Story: How I Met the Programming Language of My Dreams--Here is a Perl success story that was originally posted by Chris Benson to the Perl advocacy mailing list.
Perl Success Story: The Template Generator--

This story was sent to the Perl Advocacy mailing list and I thought I'd share it with you. The Template Generator is a Perl script that creates Web pages using an XML-based site description.

Perl Success Story: TERMIUMplus--This story came from Jay Lawrence, writing in to the mod_perl mailing list. TERMIUMplus is a trilingual application that allows translators and terminologists to search a collection of 1.5 million entries in English, French and Spanish.
9/01 Perl and the Power of Web Portals--With, any site can be a portal. By using Perl and other open source tools to develop the application, Tom Tessier has avoided paying thousands of dollars in licensing fees, and he has helped to make Web portals an open domain.
8/01 Updating Seven Centuries of Scottish Land Rights with Perl--Perl became the language of choice for modernizing a database that holds millions of land records and guarantees the property rights of individuals across Scotland. For a complete list of O'Reilly's Perl titles, visit
7/01 Perl Runs Sweden's Pension System--Intended only as a quickly developed backup for Sweden's Premium Pension System, the Perl-based application proved to be faster and more promising than the original commercial version--at a fraction of the cost. To get the latest on Perl from the experts, don't miss this month's O'Reilly Perl Conference 5.
1/01 Learning to Count on Perl at the U.S. Census Bureau--Learn how Rachael LaPorte Taylor, senior Internet technology architect at the U.S. Census Bureau, uses Perl to crunch the leading financial and economic indicators, and demographic data, of the United States.
12/00 NBCi Accesses and Maintains Complex Databases with Perl--This month's Perl Success Story tells how NBCi wrangles an enormous amount of information with Perl by allowing several database servers to create one giant, virtual server--something akin to a distributed system.
11/00 Perl Takes on Large-Scale Web Applications with Mason--This month's Perl Success Story tells how Logicept Corporation designed a back-end implementation for using a combination of Perl's object-oriented capabilities and Mason's component-based architecture.
10/00 Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too! ISC wanted to develop a Web-based customer-support solution with high-end functionality comparable to the best available--and sell it at one-fifth the price. They did it, and they avoided the usual compromises: simplicity vs. power, and cost vs. functionality. Yet another Perl Success Story.
9/00 Perl Enters the Oxford English Dictionary--Perl is not only in the Oxford English Dictionary as an entry, it's also accepted as an ideal programming language for that famously text-based document. Our latest Perl Success Story tells why.
8/00 Italy's Top Bank Banks on Perl--UniCredito Italiano recently adopted an immense enterprise relationship management system. The system's data migration was primarily written in Perl and heavily uses the Perl DBI. Find out why Perl enabled developers to deliver a 300-plus gigabyte system in six months.
6/00 Perl Brings Everything Together--Quickly--Our latest Perl Success Story features Kevin Lenzo, system scientist at Carnegie Mellon's International Software Research Institute, expert on speech technology, and founder of Yet Another Perl Conference. Kevin will give two talks at the O'Reilly Open Source Software Convention in Monterey, California, July 17-20, 2000.
5/00 Putting Perl to All-Purpose Use--Burlington Coat Factory has a record for adopting technologies like UNIX and Java. And they're using Perl as a scripting language for just about anything you can think of.
4/00 Running Perl in the Engine--ICplanet unveiled its new Web site this week, officially entering the temporary staffing market. Driving ICplanet's Web-based service is a Perl-infused SmartSearch engine.
4/00 Perl Excels at Quick Add-ons to Existing Applications--In a real-life example of the Open Source process at work, we learn how Dave Demko used Perl to build operations support systems for telecommunications providers.
3/00 In Agilent Puts Perl to Work, you can read how the Hewlett-Packard subsidiary used Perl to construct a fast, high-traffic e-commerce Web site.
1/00 Amazon's Production Software Group Builds Auction Site Prototype -- When Amazon decided to expand into online auctions, they needed to build a prototype of a complex, robust auction site as quickly as possible. Without a second thought, the production software group pulled out Perl.
12/99 Perl and C++: It's the Best of Both Worlds at Lyris -- Using Perl allowed the creators of the leading commercial list server to quickly develop a state-of-the-art Web interface.
11/99 Advanced Data Engineering Helps Publishers Bridge the Digital Gap -- ADE is making it easy for print and paper publishers to join the digital revolution. How do they do it? With Perl!
10/99 Putting Information to Work with Perl: A Success Story -- When it comes to the rapid deployment of information factories and mission-critical systems that process complex transactions, IX Development Labs uses nothing but Perl.
1/99 Open Source software at the Federal Reserve? That's right. Columnist Thomas Scoville discovered that Perl does some heavy lifting when it comes to economic policy decision making. Read all about it in Perl And The Crystal Ball: Economic Forecasting At The "Fed".

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