Rules of Thumb
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Chapter 3: Your Job

Given what I've said about the goals of the company, it should be clear that your job--whether it's being an editor, a proofreader, a salesperson, or a customer-service rep--is not limited to the list of obvious tasks that you are presented with each day, or to some limited and static job description.

Bring yourself to your work!

We haven't hired you to act as a cog in the company machine, but to exercise your intelligence, your creativity, and your perseverence. Make things happen.

There is so much to be done! If you see something that isn't being done, but should be, do it. Don't wait, thinking it's someone else's job. (If it really is someone else's job, and they aren't getting it done, ask if you can help.)

If you run out of things to do, look for something worthwhile--maybe something no one else in the company has ever thought of, but that is staring you in the face. Who knows, if it turns out to be important, you might find yourself with a whole new job!

We aim to have complete job mobility: one person started out as our receptionist, then did bookkeeping, then production, then sales and marketing, then became a writer, where she now still works. If you master the job you were hired for, we will be quick to find you more challenging work. Or if you see a job you think you can do, volunteer yourself.

If it isn't clear to you what would most benefit the company, talk to your manager. Part of each manager's job is to try to maximize both productivity and job-satisfaction for everyone who works for them.

Remember too that your job isn't just an opportunity to improve your economic standing, or that of the company, but to make yourself a better person, and this world a little better place to live. Each of your co-workers, our customers, our suppliers, and anyone else you deal with is a person, just like you. Treat them always with the care, fairness, and honesty that you'd like to experience in return.

Sappy, maybe. But make the effort across the board, and see what a difference it makes!