Cookin' with Ruby on Rails - More Designing for Testability
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CB: Excellent, Paul. Let's see whatcha got.

our completed recipe_controller_test
Figure 35

CB: Looks great! Let's run the test case and see what we get.


our category controller test results
Figure 36

CB: Well now. I'd say that's a pretty good session's worth of work. What do you think, Paul?

Paul: As much as I'd like to jump in on the Integration tests, I do need to run. Got another meeting with some customers to review test plans.

CB: You know, I was thinking that maybe we should bring Boss into the session to work on the Integration tests. That's where I'm really hoping to engage with him, and it'd give you a good chance to see how this might work into the test planning model. What do you think?

Paul: I think that could be real interesting. Let me get with Boss and see when he can break free to join us. I'll do my best to bring him along next time. See ya, bud.

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