Getting Your Bluetooth Headset to Work in XP
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Installing the Bluetooth Software

Once you have successfully updated the Bluetooth stack, you need to install the Bluetooth software (see Figure 11). The Bluetooth software can be downloaded from your vendor's web site (or found in the installation CD that comes with the Bluetooth adapter/device).

Figure 11
Figure 11. Installing the Bluetooth software

Strangely, after installing the Bluetooth software, my Bluetooth stack reverted to the old Microsoft Bluetooth stack. To get back the updated Widcomm driver, repeat the steps described in the section "Updating the Bluetooth Stack on your Windows XP computer," which should bring back the newly installed Widcomm driver.

Once the Bluetooth software is installed, you should be able to find the My Bluetooth Places icon on your desktop (see Figure 12).

Figure 12
Figure 12. The My Bluetooth Places icon on the desktop

A wizard will also appear to bring you through a series of steps to configure Bluetooth support on your PC.

Turn on Discoverable mode for your Bluetooth headset and click on the Search Again button to search for the Bluetooth headset (if it has not already been found). When it is found, click on the headset (in my case it is HS820) and click on Next (see Figure 13).

Figure 13
Figure 13. Configuring the Bluetooth headset

You will be asked for a PIN code in order to pair your computer with the headset. Normally the PIN is 0000, but this is dependent on your device; check your documentation. Enter the PIN and click on Initiate Pairing (see Figure 14).

Figure 14
Figure 14. Pairing the Bluetooth headset with your PC

The profiles (services) that the Bluetooth headset supports will now be shown (see Figure 15). Check the Headset service and click on Next.

Figure 15
Figure 15. Profiles supported by the Bluetooth headset

You should now see the icon for the headset in My Bluetooth Places (see Figure 16). Double-click on the icon to connect the headset to your computer. The icon will be changed when the headset is connected.

Figure 16
Figure 16. The headset icon in My Bluetooth Places

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