Eight Tips for Using Your Pocket PC
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One of my favorites is to check my emails when on the road, especially at airports where wireless access is getting more and more common. Using Pocket Internet Explorer, you can access many Web-based email applications like Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.

Surfing the Web via Bluetooth Through Phone or Access Point

If you don't have access to a wireless network, you still have two other options to log on the Internet. If your Pocket PC is equipped with Bluetooth, you can use it to access the Internet through a computer equipped with a Bluetooth adapter or Bluetooth Access Point.

Billionton USB Bluetooth adapter
Figure 6. The Billionton USB Bluetooth adapter

For this article, I used the Billionton USB Bluetooth adapter and plugged it into my desktop. Alternatively, your desktop (or office) can also be equipped with Bluetooth Access Points. A Bluetooth Access Point allows multiple Bluetooth devices to connect to it and access the Internet, much like an 802.11b access point. At the moment, there are a dozen of vendors offering Bluetooth access points including PicoBlue and Widcomm.

Axis 9010 PicoBlue Widcomm BlueGate 2100 Siemens Blue2net
Axis 9010 Bluetooth Access Point PicoBlue Bluetooth Internet Access Point Widcomm BlueGate 2100 Access Point Siemens Blue2net Bluetooth LAN Access Point
Figure 7. The various Bluetooth Access Points available in the market today

To use the Bluetooth connection for syncing purpose, simply configure ActiveSync to listen to a particular serial port (that the Bluetooth adapter is using as a serial port) and start ActiveSync on your Pocket PC.

ActiveSync Screenshot 1 ActiveSync Screenshot 2
Figure 8. Configuring ActiveSync to use a serial port for Bluetooth access

Once ActiveSync is configured on the desktop, simply turn on the Bluetooth radio on your Pocket PC and select ActiveSync.

Figure 9. Using Bluetooth for ActiveSync

You can now surf the Web using Pocket Internet Explorer.

Alternatively, if you are on the road and you have no computers to link up to, you can use your Bluetooth-enabled phone, such as the Ericsson T68i to connect to the Internet:

Ericsson T68i
Figure 10. The Ericsson T68i

The Ericsson T68i comes with built-in Bluetooth support, and you can configure your Pocket PC to use it as a Bluetooth Dialup Modem (from the Bluetooth Manager on your Pocket PC).

T68i as a Bluetooth dialup modem
Figure 11. Using the T68i as a Bluetooth dialup modem

You would also need to configure your phone to dialup to the ISP.

Listening to Music on Your Pocket PC

While proud Mac users are enjoying their iPod, Pocket PC users need not feel left out.

Figure 12. Apple's iPod

Pocket PC users, too, can enjoy their favorite music on their Pocket PC. All you need to have is a pair of earphones and, for additional storage, a SD/CF memory card or IBM Microdrive will suffice.

IBM 1GB Microdrive Compaq SD memory cards Compaq Compact Flash memory cards
IBM's 1GB Microdrive Compaq's SD memory card/td> Compaq Compact Flash Memory Card/td>
Figure 13. Multiple ways exist to increase the memory capacity of your Pocket PC

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