Eight Tips for Using Your Pocket PC
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With my iPaq 3870, I can download music from my music CD (or MPG3 files) into my Pocket PC using the Windows Media Player.

This is how you do it. In Windows Media Player, select Media Library, and add a new playlist to My Playlists:

Windows Media Player
Figure 14. Creating a new playlist and drop all the songs that you want to synchronize into it

Drag and drop all music files, including those from Audio CDs, that you want to download into our Pocket PC into the new playlist.

To download the files onto the Pocket PC, click on Portable Device and select the playlist that your want to download. You should now see the Pocket PC on the right side of the playlist. Depending on the storage devices available on the Pocket PC, you can select the storage medium on your Pocket PC to store your music. My iPaq 3870 has a portion of the Flash ROM (about 6.6MB) dedicated for storage. The special portion of Flash ROM is known as iPaq File Store. The iPaq File Store does not wipe out the data in the event the iPaq crashes. In my case, I am going to copy my music files to the iPaq File Store. Click on the Copy Music button to start the copying.

Windows Media Player
Figure 15. Copying the songs in my playlist to my iPaq File Store

Depending on the synchronization method, either using syncing cable/cradle or Bluetooth, it took me about four minutes to transfer a 1.87MB file (a 4.02-minute song) using Bluetooth. It will definitely be faster if you use a syncing cable. But it works pretty well using Bluetooth. I just hate wires.

Once it is copied to your iPaq, you can now listen to your songs using Windows Media Player on the Pocket PC:

Windows Media Player (Pocket PC)
Figure 16. Playing the downloaded song using Windows Media Player (on the Pocket PC)

Since my iPaq File Store is quite limited in capacity, it does not allow me to store more than three songs, but you can either store it in the RAM or some external storage devices as shown in Figure 13. I now have one more reason to bring my Pocket PC along with me when I go traveling.

Watching Movies Using PocketTV

Who says you can't have fun on your Pocket PC? You can now watch movies on your Pocket PC using the PocketTV MPEG Movie Player from MpegTV. You can download a free copy (free for personal use) of the PocketTV from:

Figure 17. Watching a MPEG movie using the PocketTV

Once you have downloaded and installed the player, you can head to for some movie samples. You can play movies either in 240x184 or 320x240 resolution (you have to turn your Pocket PC horizontally).

PocketTV plays MPEG files. If you want to convert your existing AVI, MOV, VCD or DVD movies into MPEG files optimized for PocketTV, check out this URL for tools and guidelines:

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