Eight Tips for Using Your Pocket PC
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Using Your Pocket PC as a Backup Device

Just like the Apple's iPod, you can double up your Pocket PC as a backup device. If you have the IBM Microdrive, or in fact any kind of storage, you can treat your Pocket PC like a portable hard disk.

In ActiveSync, click on the Explore button to display the directory structure of your Pocket PC:

Figure 18. ActiveSync allows you to explore the directory structure of your Pocket PC

To copy your files into the Pocket PC, you then simply drag and drop files into the Mobile Device folder:

PocketPC Directory Structure
Figure 19. The Pocket PC directory structure looks similar to Windows explorer

Your Pocket PC now doubles up as a portable hard disk.

Connecting to Windows Servers Using Terminal Services

You can use your Pocket PC as a Terminal Server client to connect to a Windows Server running Terminal Server. I find this feature useful when I need to do some quick tuning on my Web server.

The Terminal Services Client is available for download (for those Pocket PC 2000 users) from:

Pocket PC 2002 users already have the program installed in their Pocket PC.

Terminal Services Terminal Services
Figure 20. Using Terminal Services Client to connect to a Windows Server running Terminal Server

Of course, don't expect to use this for too long, as you will soon get very irritated with the constant scrolling of windows. Like I always say, use it only in an emergency.

Changing the Theme of Your Pocket PC

Grown tired of the way your Pocket PC looks? How about changing some background pictures? Now you can do so with the Pocket PC 2002 Theme Generator from Microsoft:

Theme Generator A New Theme
Figure 21. Using the Theme Generator to change the theme in my Pocket PC

The Theme Generator allows you to customize your own background images. Or if you simply want to download some ready-made themes from Microsoft, you can download them from:

Theme Theme Theme
Figure 22. More themes available for download from Microsoft

Themes from a third party are also available. For a list of themes, visit:

Projecting the Pocket PC Screen onto the Desktop

Another tool that I find indispensable is the Remote Display for Pocket PC. Basically this tool projects whatever is on your Pocket PC to the desktop, through TCP/IP. I use ActiveSync, either through the cradle or Bluetooth connection, and it works like a charm. In fact, all the screen captures in this article were taken from the Remote Display. It is also a great tool during presentation where you want to show the output of your Pocket PC to the audience. You also have the option to enlarge the display up to three times its original size and, best of all, you can control your Pocket PC using your mouse.

You can download the Remote Display from:

The only gripe I have about Remote Display is that the refresh rate is not fast enough when I am using Bluetooth. This setup is very useful when doing a presentation and you would like to walk about holding the Pocket PC in your hands and not connected to the syncing cable.


Now that you have seen some cool uses of Pocket PC, let me know what other uses you have for your Pocket PC. I am particularly keen to know how it has mobilized your life, and I'd also like to see your wish for the ideal Pocket PC. Use the TalkBacks below to share your comments.

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