Tables for Writing Characters - Unicode Explained

by Jukka K. Korpela

This appendix consists of compact information on writing characters. The first three tables present some key sequences for writing some common characters in a few environments. The last table is different: it maps the Symbol font to Unicode.

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This excerpt is from Unicode Explained . Possessing everything you need to grasp Unicode, this comprehensive reference takes you on a detailed guide through the complex character world. Learn how to identify and classify characters, utilize their properties, and process data in a robust manner. Other topics include collation and sorting, line breaking rules and Unicode encodings. Perfect for both beginning and seasoned programmers.

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In the first three tables, characters are classified logically, by meaning and usage, rather than by Unicode structure. Table A-1, “Latin letters and ligatures” contains Latin letters and their ligatures; Table A-2, “Greek letters and tone marks” is for Greek letters and punctuation; and Table A-3, “Other commonly needed characters” has other commonly used characters. The columns in these tables are:

  • A glyph of the character (in Times or Times New Roman font, if possible).

  • A name of the character. Usually the Unicode name is used, but for brevity, some attributes have been omitted, when they can be inferred. Moreover, the name “guillemet” is used instead of “double angle quotation mark.”

  • The sequence of typing the character. This contains the Unicode number in hexadecimal. You can use the number to construct the character reference &#x n ; that can be used in HTML and XML.

  • The Alt-n sequence. This contains the Unicode number in decimal, except for numbers in the range 128–159, which are Windows Latin 1 codes. For numbers in the range 160–255, the sequences work in all Windows environments.

  • A special way that may work in MS Word. This depends on Word version and settings as well as the keyboard. The information given mainly applies to English (U.S.) keyboards. For Greek letters, this column shows the key to be used on a qwerty keyboard when set in Greek mode.

  • The entity reference in HTML, if available. Otherwise the (decimal) character reference, which can be used in HTML and in XML. Note that you can alternatively use a hexadecimal reference based on the number in column “Alt-X” (e.g., ¹).

  • Notes, which refer to annotations after the tables. They may mention additional alternatives to produce the character, or comment on the usage of a character, or explain notations. Some notes just mention a language in which the character is used. This is meant to help in identifying the character, not to exclude use in other languages.

Table A-1. Latin letters and ligatures

 Name of character Alt-X Alt-n WordHTMLNotes
ÁA with acutec10193Ctrl-' A Á Note 1
ĂA with breve102258  Ă  
ÂA with circumflexc20194Ctrl-Shift-6 A Â Note 1
ÄA with dieresisc40196Ctrl-Shift-; A Ä Note 1
ÀA with gravec00192Ctrl-` A À Note 1
ĀA with macron100256  Ā  
ĄA with ogonek104260  Ą  
ÅA with ringc50197Ctrl-Shift-2 A Å Note 1
ǺA with ringand acute1fa506  Ǻ  
ÃA with tildec30195Ctrl-~ A Ã Note 1
ÆAEc60198Ctrl-Shift-7 A Æ Note 1
ǼAE with acute1fc508  Ǽ  
ĆC with acute106262  Ć  
ČC with caron10c268  Č  
ÇC with cedillac70199Ctrl-, C Ç  
ĈC with circumflex108264  Ĉ  
ĊC with dot above10a266  Ċ  
ĎD with caron10e270  Ď  
ĐD with stroke110272  Đ Croatian
ÐEthd00208Ctrl-' D Ð Icelandic
ÉE with acutec90201Ctrl-' E É Note 1
ĔE with breve114276  Ĕ  
ĚE with caron11a282  Ě  
ÊE with circumflexca0202Ctrl-Shift-6 E Ê Note 1
ËE with dieresiscb0203Ctrl-Shift-; E Ë Note 1
ĖE with dot above116278  Ė  
ÈE with gravec80200Ctrl-` E È Note 1
ĒE with macron112274  Ē  
ĘE with ogenek118280  Ę  
ĞG with breve11e286  Ğ  
ĢG with cedilla122290  Ģ  
ĜG with circumflex11c284  Ĝ  
ĠG with dot above120288  Ġ  
ĤH with circumflex124292  Ĥ  
ĦH with stroke126294  Ħ Maltese
ÍI with acutecd0205Ctrl-' I Í Note 1
ĬI with breve12c300  Ĭ  
ÎI with circumflexce0206Ctrl-Shift-6 I Î Note 1
ÏI with dieresiscf0207Ctrl-Shift-; I Ï Note 1
İI with dot above130304  İ  
ÌI with gravecc0204Ctrl-` I Ì Note 1
ĪI with macron12a298  Ī  
ĮI with ogonek12e302  Į  
ĨI with tilde128296  Ĩ  
IJligature IJ132306  IJ Dutch
ĴJ with circumflex134308  Ĵ  
ĶK with cedilla136310  Ķ  
ĹL with acute139313  Ĺ  
ĽL with caron13d317  Ľ  
ĻL with cedilla13b315  Ļ  
ĿL with middle dot13f319  Ŀ  
ŁL with stroke141321  Ł Polish
ŃN with acute143323  Ń  
ŇN with caron147327  Ň  
ŅN with cedilla145325  Ņ  
ÑN with tilded10209Ctrl-Shift-` N Ñ Note 1
ŊEng14a330  Ŋ Sámi
ÓO with acuted30211Ctrl-' O Ó Note 1
ŎO with breve14e334  Ŏ  
ÔO with circumflexd40212Ctrl-Shift-6 O Ô Note 1
ÖO with dieresisd60214Ctrl-Shift-; O Ö Note 1
ŐO with double acute150336  Ő Hungarian
ÒO with graved20210Ctrl-` O Ò Note 1
ŌO with macron14c332  Ō  
ØO with obliquestroked80216Ctrl-/ O Ø Danish
ǾO with stroke andacute1fe510  Ǿ  
ÕO with tilded50213Ctrl-Shift-` O Õ Note 1
Œligature OE1520140Ctrl-Shift-7 O Œ Note 1
ŔR with acute154340  Ŕ  
ŘR with caron158344  Ř  
ŖR with cedilla156342  Ŗ  
ŚS with acute15a346  Ś  
ŠS with caron1600160  Š  
ŞS with cedilla15e350  Ş  
ŜS with circumflex15c348  Ŝ  
ŤT with caron164356  Ť  
ŢT with cedilla162354  Ţ  
ŦT with stroke166358  Ŧ Sámi
ÞThornde0222  Þ Icelandic
ÚU with acuteda0218Ctrl-' U Ú Note 1
ŬU with breve16c364  Ŭ  
ÛU with circumflexdb0219Ctrl-Shift-6 U Û Note 1
ÜU with dieresisdc0220Ctrl-Shift-; U Ü Note 1
ŰU with double acute170368  Ű Hungarian
ÙU with graved90217Ctrl-` U Ù Note 1
ŪU with macron16a362  Ū  
ŲU with ogonek172370  Ų  
ŮU with ring above16e366  Ů  
ŨU with tilde168360  Ũ  
ŴW with circumflex174372  Ŵ  
ÝY with acutedd0221Ctrl-' Y Ý Note 1
ŶY with circumflex176374  Ŷ  
ŸY with dieresis178376Ctrl-Shift-; Y Ÿ Note 1
ŹZ with acute179377  Ź  
ŽZ with caron17d381  Ž  
ŻZ with dot above17b379  Ż  
áa with acutee10225Ctrl-' a á Note 1
ăa with breve103259  ă  
âa with circumflexe20226Ctrl-Shift-6 a â Note 1
äa with dieresise40228Ctrl-Shift-; a ä Note 1
àa with gravee00224Ctrl-` a à Note 1
āa with macron101257  ā  
ąa with ogonek105261  ą  
åa with ringe50229Ctrl-Shift-2 a å Note 1
ǻa with ringand acute1fb507  ǻ  
ãa with tildee30227Ctrl-Shift-` a ã Note 1
æaee60230Ctrl-Shift-6 a æ Note 1
ǽae with acute1fd509  ǽ  
ćc with acute107263  ć  
čc with caron10d269  č  
çc with cedillae70231Ctrl-, c ç  
ĉc with circumflex109265  ĉ  
ċc with dot above10b267  ċ  
ďd with caron10f271  ď  
đd with stroke111273  đ Croatian
ðethf00240Ctrl-' d ð Icelandic
ée with acutee90233Ctrl-' e é Note 1
ĕe with breve115277  ĕ  
ěe with caron11b283  ě  
êe with circumflexea0234Ctrl-Shift-6 e ê Note 1
ëe with dieresiseb0235Ctrl-Shift-; e ë Note 1
ėe with dot above117279  ė  
èe with gravee80232Ctrl-` e è Note 1
ēe with macron113275  ē  
ęe with ogenek119281  ę  
ƒf with hook1920131  ƒ Florin
ligature fifb0164257  fi  
ligature flfb0264257  fi  
ğg with breve11f287  ğ  
ģg with cedilla123291  ģ  
ĝg with circumflex11d285  ĝ  
ġg with dot above121289  ġ  
ĥh with circumflex125293  ĥ  
ħh with stroke127295  ħ Maltese
íi with acuteed237Ctrl-' i í Note 1
ĭi with breve12d301  ĭ  
îi with circumflexee0238Ctrl-Shift-6 i î Note 1
ïi with dieresisef0239Ctrl-Shift-; i ï Note 1
ìi with graveec0236Ctrl-` i ì Note 1
īi with macron12b299  ī  
įi with ogonek12f303  į  
ĩi with tilde129297  ĩ  
ıdotless i131305  ı  
ijligature ij133307  ij Dutch
ĵj with circumflex135309  ĵ  
ķk with cedilla137311  ķ  
ĸkra138312  ĸ Greenl.
ĺl with acute13a314  ĺ  
ľl with caron13e318  ľ  
ļl with cedilla13c316  ļ  
ŀl with middle dot140320  ŀ  
łl with stroke142322  ł Polish
ʼnn preceded byapostrophe149329  ʼn Afrikaans
ńn with acute144324  ń  
ňn with caron148328  ň  
ņn with cedilla146326  ņ  
ñn with tildef10241Ctrl-Shift-` n ñ Note 1
ŋeng14b331  ŋ Sámi
óo with acutef30243Ctrl-' o ó Note 1
ŏo with breve14f335  ŏ  
ôo with circumflexf40244Ctrl-Shift-6 o ô Note 1
öo with dieresisf60246Ctrl-Shift-; o ö Note 1
őo with double acute151337  ő Hungarian
òo with gravef20242Ctrl-` o ò Note 1
ōo with macron14d333  ō  
øo with strokef80248Ctrl-/ o ø Danish
ǿo with strokeand acute1ff511  ǿ  
õo with tildef50245Ctrl-Shift-` o õ Note 1
œligature oe1530156Ctrl-Shift-6 o œ French
ŕr with acute155341  ŕ  
řr with caron159345  ř  
ŗr with cedilla157343  ŗ  
śs with acute15b347  ś  
šs with caron1610154  š  
şs with cedilla15f351  ş  
ŝs with circumflex15d349  ŝ  
ſlong s17f383  ſ Historical
ßsharp sdf0223Ctrl-Shift-6 s ß Note 1
ťt with caron165357  ť  
ţt with cedilla163355  ţ  
ŧt with stroke167359  ŧ Sámi
þthornfe0254  þ Icelandic
úu with acutefa0250Ctrl-' u ú Note 1
ŭu with breve16d365  ŭ  
ûu with circumflexfb0251Ctrl-Shift-6 u û Note 1
üu with dieresisfc0252Ctrl-Shift-; u ü Note 1
űu with double acute171369  ű Hungarian
ùu with gravef90249Ctrl-` u ù Note 1
ūu with macron16b363  ū  
ųu with ogonek173371  ų  
ůu with ring above16f367  ů  
ũu with tilde169361  ũ  
ŵw with circumflex175373  ŵ  
ýy with acutefd0253Ctrl-' y ý Note 1
ŷy with circumflex177375  ŷ  
ÿy with dieresisff0255Ctrl-Shift-; y ÿ Note 1
źz with acute17a378  ź  
žz with caron17e382  ž  
żz with dot above17c380  ż  

Table A-2. Greek letters and tone marks

 Name of character Alt-X Alt-n WordHTMLNotes
΄Greek tonos384900;␠ ΄ Note 1
΅Greek dialytika tonos385901W␠ ΅ Note 1
ΑAlpha391913A Α  
ΆAlpha with tonos386902;A Ά  
ΒBeta392914B Β  
ΓGamma393915G Γ  
ΔDelta394916D Δ  
ΕEpsilon395917E Ε  
ΈEpsilon with tonos388904;E Έ  
ΖZeta396918Z Ζ  
ΗEta397919H Η  
ΉEta with tonos389905;H Ή  
ΘTheta398920U Θ  
ΙIota399921I Ι  
ΪIota with dialytika3aa938:I Ϊ  
ΊIota with tonos38a906;I Ί  
ΚKappa39a922K Κ  
ΛLamda39b923L Λ  
ΜMu39c924M Μ  
ΝNu39d925N Ν  
ΞXi39e926J Ξ  
ΟOmicron39f927O Ο  
ΌOmicron with tonos38c908;O Ό  
ΠPi3a0928P Π ≠ product
ΡRho3a1929R Ρ  
ΣSigma3a3931S Σ ≠ sum
ΤTau3a4932T Τ  
ΥUpsilon3a5933Y Υ  
ΫUpsilon with dialytika3ab939:Y Ϋ  
ΎUpsilon with tonos38e910;Y Ύ  
ϒUpsilon with hook symbol3d2978  ϒ ∉WGL4
ΦPhi3a6934F Φ  
ΧChi3a7935X Χ  
ΨPsi3a8936C Ψ  
ΩOmega3a9937V Ω ≠ ohm
ΏOmega with tonos38f911;V Ώ  
αalpha3b1945a α  
άalpha with tonos3ac940;a ά  
βbeta3b2946b β  
γgamma3b3947g γ  
δdelta3b4948d δ  
εepsilon3b5949e ε  
έepsilon with tonos3ad941;e έ  
ζzeta3b6950z ζ  
ηeta3b7951h η  
ήeta with tonos3ae942;h ή  
θtheta3b8952u θ  
ϑtheta symbol3d1977  ϑ ∉WGL4
ιiota3b9953i ι  
ϊiota with dialytika3ca970:i ϊ  
ΐiota with dialytika and tonos390912Wi ΐ  
ίiota with tonos3af943;i ί  
κkappa3ba954k κ  
λlamda3bb955l λ  
μmu3bc956m μ ≠ micro
νnu3bd957n ν  
ξxi3be958j ξ  
οomicron3bf959o ο  
όomicron with tonos3cc972;o ό  
πpi3c0960p π  
ϖpi symbol3d6982  ϖ ∉WGL4
ρrho3c1961r ρ  
σsigma3c3963s σ  
ςfinal sigma3c2962w ς  
τtau3c4964t τ  
υupsilon3c5965y υ  
ϋupsilon with dialytika3cb971:y ϋ  
ΰupsilon with dialytika and tonos3b0944Wy ΰ  
ύupsilon with tonos3cd973;y ύ  
φphi3c6966f φ  
χchi3c7967x χ  
ψpsi3c8968c ψ  
ωomega3c9969v ω  
ώomega with tonos3ce974;v ώ  

Table A-3. Other commonly needed characters

 Name of character Alt-X Alt-n WordHTMLNotes
¹Superscript oneb90185  ¹  
²Superscript twob20178  &sup2:  
³Superscript threeb30179  ³  
½One half bd01891/2 ½  
¼One quarterbc01881/4 ¼  
¾Three quartersbe01903/4 ¾  
One eighth215b8539  ⅛  
Three eighths215c8540  ⅜  
Five eighths215d8541  ⅝  
Seven eighths215e8542  ⅞  
Fraction slash20448260  ⁄  
Presentational forms of Latin letters
ªFeminine ordinalindicatoraa0170  ª Spanish
ºMasculine ordinalindicatorba0186  º Spanish
Superscript n207f8319  ⁿ  
Letter-like symbols    
Care of21058453  ℅  
©Copyright signa90169(c) © AltGr-c
Estimated symbol212e8494  ℮  
µMicro signb50181AltGr-m µ ≠ mu
ΩOhm sign21268486  Ω ≠ Omega
®Registered signae0174(r) ® AltGr-r
Script small l21138467  ℓ  
Trademark sign21220153(tm) ™ AltGr-t
Script capital p21188472  ℘ ∉WGL4
Black-letter capital I21118465  ℑ ∉WGL4
Black-letter capital R211c8476  ℜ ∉WGL4
Alef symbol21358501  ℵ ∉WGL4
Currency symbols    
¢Cent signa20162Ctrl-/ c ¢  
¤Currency signa40164  ¤ Generic
$Dollar sign24036$ $  
Euro sign20ac0128AltGr-e € Note 2
French franc sign20a38355  ₣ Historical
Lira sign20a48356  ₤ Rare
Peseta sign20a78359  ₧ Historical
£Pound signa30163  £  
¥Yen signa50165  ¥ Also yuan
Quotation marks   
"Quotation mark22 " Ctrl-z " ASCII
'Apostrophe27 ' Ctrl-z ' ASCII
Left doublequotation mark201c0147Ctrl-` " “ Note 3
Right doublequotation mark201d0148Ctrl-' " ” Note 3
Left singlequotation mark20180145Ctrl-` ' ‘ Note 3
Right singlequotation mark20190146Ctrl-' ' ’ Note 3
«Left-pointing guillemetab0171Ctrl-` < &laquo; Note 3
»Right-pointing guillemetbb0187Ctrl-` > &raquo; Note 3
Left-pointing single angle quotation mark20390139  &lsaquo;  
Right-pointing singleangle quotation mark203a0155  &rsaquo;  
Double low-9 quotation mark201e0132  &bdquo; Note 3
Single low-9 quotation mark201a0130  &sbquo; Note 3
Single high-reversed-9 quotation mark201b8219  &#8219;  
-Hyphen-minus2d045- &#45; ASCII
Hyphen20108208  &#8208; ∉WGL4
 Soft hyphenad0173  &shy; Note 4
Nonbreaking hyphen20118209  &#8209; ∉WGL4
Other punctuation marks  
En dash20130150Ctrl-minus &ndash; Note 5
Em dash20140151AltGr-minus &mdash; Note 5
Horizontal bar20158213  &#8213;  
Horizontal ellipsis20260133AltGr-. &hellip;  
¿Inverted question markbf0191AltGr-? &iquest; Note 6
¡Inverted exclama-tion marka10161AltGr-! &iexcl; Note 6
Double exclama-tion mark203c8252  &#8252;  
·Middle dotb70183  &middot:  
·Greek ano teleia387903  &#903; Upper dot
Bullet20220149  &bull;  
Left-pointingangle bracket23299001  &lang; ∉WGL4
Right-pointingangle bracket23309002  &rang; ∉WGL4
Punctuation-like marks   
&Ampersand26038& &amp;  
<Less-than sign3c060< &lt;  
>Greater-than sign3e062> &gt;  
_Low line5f095_ &#95;  
Double low line20178215  &#8215;  
Overline203e8254  &oline; ≠ macron
|Vertical line7c0124| &#124;  
¦Broken bara60166  &brvbar;  
Pilcrow signb60182Insert → &para;  
§Section signa70167Insert → &sect;  
Dagger20200134  &dagger;  
Double dagger20210135  &Dagger;  
@Commercial at40064@ &#64;  
\Reverse solidus5c092\ &#92;  
#Number sign23035# &#35;  
Per mille sign20300137  &permil;  
°Degree signb00176  &deg;  
Prime20328242  &prime; ≠ '
Double prime20338243  &Prime; ≠ "
Spacing diacritic marks and similar charcters
´Acute accentb40180´ ␠ &acute; Note 7
˘Breve2d8728  &#728;  
ˇCaron2c7711  &#711;  
¸Cedillab80184Ctrl-, ␠ &cedil;  
^Circumflex accent5e094^ &#94; or: ^ ␠
¨Dieresisa80168¨ ␠ &uml;  
˙Dot above2d9729  &#729;  
˝Double acute accent2dd733  &#733;  
`Grave accent60096` &#96; or: ` ␠
¯Macronaf0175  &macr; ≠overline
ˆModifier lettercircumflex2c6710  &circ;  
ˉModifier letter macron2c9713  &#713;  
˛Ogonek2db731  &#731;  
˚Ring above2da730  &#730;  
˜Small tilde2dc0152  &tilde;  
~Tilde7e0126~ &#126; or: ~ ␠
Leftward arrow21908592  &larr;  
Upward arrow21918593  &uarr;  
Rightward arrow21928594  &rarr;  
Downward arrow21938595  &darr;  
Left right arrow21948596  &harr;  
Up down arrow21958597   
Up down arrowwith base21a88616   
Down and left arrow21b58629  &crarr; ∉WGL4
Leftward double arrow21d08656  &lArr; ∉WGL4
Upward double arrow21d18657  &uArr; ∉WGL4
Rightward doublearrow21d28658  &rArr; ∉WGL4
Downward doublearrow21d38659  &dArr; ∉WGL4
Left right double arrow21d48660  &hArr;  
Mathematical symbols    
Almost equal to22488776  &asymp;  
Angle22208736  &ang; ∉WGL4
Approximately equal to22458773  &cong; ∉WGL4
Asterisk operator22178727  &lowast; ∉WGL4
Bullet operator22198729  &#8729;  
Circled plus22958853  &oplus; ∉WGL4
Circled times22978855  &otimes; ∉WGL4
÷Division signf70247  &divide;  
Division slash22158725  &#8725;  
Dot operator22c58901  &sdot; ∉WGL4
Greater-than orequal to22658805  &ge;  
Identical to22618801  &equiv;  
Increment22068710  &#8710;  
Infinity221e8734  &infin;  
Integral222b8747  &int;  
Left ceiling23088968  &lceil; ∉WGL4
Left floor230a8970  &lfloor; ∉WGL4
Less-than or equal to22648804  &le;  
Logical and22278743  &and; ∉WGL4
Logical or22288744  &or; ∉WGL4
Minus sign22128722  &minus;  
×Multiplication signd70215  &times;  
Nabla22078711  &nabla; ∉WGL4
N-ary product220f8719  &prod;  
N-ary summation22118721  &sum;  
Not equal to22608800  &ne;  
¬Not signac0172  &not;  
Partial differential22028706  &part;  
±Plus-minus signb10177  &plusmn;  
Proportional to221d8733  &prop; ∉WGL4
Right angle221f8735  &#8735;  
Right ceiling23098969  &rceil; ∉WGL4
Right floor230b8971  &rfloor; ∉WGL4
Square root221a8730  &radic;  
Therefore22348756  &there4; ∉WGL4
Tilde operator223c8764  &sim; ∉WGL4
Up tack22a58869  &perp; ∉WGL4
Set theory symbols   
Contains as member220b8715  &ni; ∉WGL4
Element of22088712  &isin; ∉WGL4
Empty set22058709  &empty; ∉WGL4
For all22008704  &forall; ∉WGL4
Intersection22298745  &cap;  
∉Not an element of22098713  &notin; ∉WGL4
⊄Not a subset of22848836  &nsub; ∉WGL4
Subset of22828834  &sub; ∉WGL4
Subset of or equal to22868838  &sube; ∉WGL4
Superset of22838835  &sup; ∉WGL4
Superset of or equal to22878839  &supe; ∉WGL4
There exists22038707  &exist; ∉WGL4
Union222a8746  &cup; ∉WGL4
Miscellaneous technical symbols
House23028962  &#8962;  
Reversed not sign23108976  &#8976;  
Top half integral23208992  &#8992;  
Bottom half integral23218993  &#8993;  
Miscellaneous symbols  
White smiling face263a9786  &#9786;  
Black smiling face263b9787  &#9787;  
White sun with rays263c9788  &#9788;  
Female sign26409792  &#9792;  
Male sign26429794  &#9794;  
Black spade suit26609824  &spades;  
Black club suit26639827  &clubs;  
Black heart suit26659829  &hearts;  
Black diamond suit26669830  &diams;  
Eighth note266a9834  &#9834;  
Beamed eighth notes266b9835  &#9835;  
Geometric shapes   
Black square25a09632  &#9632;  
White square25a19633  &#9633;  
Black small square25aa9642  &#9642;  
White small square25ab9643  &#9643;  
Black rectangle25ac9644  &#9644;  
Black up-pointingtriangle25b29650  &#9650;  
Black right-pointingtriangle25b29658  &#9658;  
Black down-point.triangle25bc9660  &#9660;  
Black left-pointingtriangle25c49668  &#9668;  
Lozenge25ca9674  &loz;  
White circle25cb9675  &#9675;  
Black circle25cf9679  &#9679;  
Inverse bullet25d89688  &#9688;  
Inverse white circle25d99689  &#9689;  
White bullet25e69702  &#9702;  
 Space20032 &#32; space bar
 No-break spacea00160Ctrl-Shift-␠ &nbsp;  
 Em space20038195Insert → &emsp; ∉WGL4
 En space20028194Insert → &ensp; ∉WGL4
 Four-per-em space20058197Insert → &#8197; ∉WGL4
 Thin space20098201  &thinsp; ∉WGL4
Invisible controls  
 Zero width non-joiner200c8204  &zwnj; ∉WGL4
 Zero width joiner200d8205  &zwj; ∉WGL4
 Left-to-right mark200e8206  &lrm; ∉WGL4
 Right-to-left mark200f8207  &rlm; ∉WGL4

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