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JSP and Servlets

In this series, Sue Spielman educates us on the fundamental and advanced features of Java Servlets and JavaServer Pages. Both are important in how enteprise Java applications are presented on the server-side as well as the client-side. Moreover, JSP is becoming its own component architecture with its ever-growing expansive custom tag library. Specific coverage will include JSP custom tag library development, JSP component design issues, Servlet 2.3 Filters, JSP and Servlet security and much more.
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Learning the New Jakarta Struts 1.1, Part 2
Part 2 of Sue Spielmann's article on Struts 1.1 covers nested tag libraries, the Validator framework, the PlugIn API, and declarative exception handling. Nov. 13, 2002

Learning the New Jakarta Struts 1.1, Part 1
In this first part of a two-part series, you'll learn about the new 1.1 release of Struts, how to work with it, and how to migrate from v.1.0.x. Nov. 6, 2002

JSP Standard Tag Libraries, Part 2
In the second part of her series on the JSTL, Sue Spielman describes how to work with the tag libraries and the expression language. May. 8, 2002

JSP Standard Tag Libraries, Part 1
Custom tags make working with JSP easier and more efficient, but wouldn't it be good to have standard ways to perform common tasks? Enter JSP Standard Tag Libraries, an attempt to provide a common and standard set of custom tags. Mar. 13, 2002

Learning Jakarta Struts, Part 3
In the last article in her Jakarta Struts series, Sue Spielman shows you how to use Struts tags to access the ApplicationResource file from a JSP. Nov. 14, 2001

Learning Jakarta Struts, Part 2
In Part 2 of her series on Jakarta Struts, Sue Spielman shows you how to build a simple application from scratch in Struts 1.0.  Oct. 31, 2001

Introduction to Jakarta Struts Framework
Sue Spielman shows us how to use Apache's Jakarta Struts framework, which encourages an application architecture based on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern, useful in building servlet- and JSP-based Web applications. Sep. 11, 2001

Jakarta Taglibs
Sue Spielman covers Apache's Jakarta Taglib project, and how you can take advantage of some great open source JSP tag libraries. May. 29, 2001

Designing JSP Custom Tag Libraries
In this article, you'll learn what a JSP custom tag library is, why you'd want to use it, and how to build and use a complete tag library. Apr. 19, 2001

Sue Spielman looks at JSP and XSP to help you decide which is right for your development needs. Feb. 22, 2001

Advanced Features of JSP Custom Tag Libraries
In part two of Sue Spielman's JSP Custom Tag Libraries series, she covers advanced features: JSP container interaction with tags, tags with bodies, nested tags, tag extra info, and cooperating tags. Jan. 18, 2001