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Essential JavaScript

"Essential JavaScript" is a regular O'Reilly Network column that features hands-on articles showing you how to use JavaScript in practical, everyday situations. This column is supported by our custom JavaScript library with examples and code snippets that are available for personal use.
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Extending Dreamweaver: Let Dreamweaver Create Your Menus
Create a tree-style menu for your site's navigation in Dreamweaver. Part three of a three-part series. Jul. 6, 2001

Extending Dreamweaver with its JavaScript API
Using Dreamweaver's JavaScript API to dissect a custom command to determine the document's number of words and characters. This is part two of a short series on using JavaScript with Dreamweaver. Jun. 15, 2001

Accessing Dreamweaver's JavaScript API
This week, Claus Augusti shows you how to get inside Dreamweaver and manipulate the functions defined by the JavaScript-API. As an example of the mischief you can create using Dreamweaver commands, Claus provides step by step instructions for adding word count capability to the application. Jun. 1, 2001

Creating Themes with CSS and JavaScript
With a dash of JavaScript and a sprinkle of CSS, you can let site visitors choose various "themes" to customize the appearance of your site. Apr. 27, 2001

Parsing and DOM-Tree Building With JavaScript
How to work around the old method of inserting dynamic content into your documents by using the document's writeln() method -- which unfortunately destroyed your documents when writing to an already closed document. Apr. 13, 2001

Document Mathematics: Count Your Words
Have you ever tried to calculate the number of words in an HTML document? Or, better yet, tried to include this number dynamically into your document? With a DOM implementation and a bit of JavaScript, this column will show you how to do it. Mar. 30, 2001

Forms Extension Framework Documentation
With this overview of the Forms Extension Framework, with included examples and templates, you can build your own JavaScript-driven forms that are powerful and flexible. Mar. 16, 2001

Yajc -- Yet Another JavaScript Column
JavaScript lives at O'Reilly! The debut of our ongoing JavaScript column in our brand new JavaScript/CSS DevCenter. Mar. 9, 2001

Working With Forms: An Introduction
Web forms are common communication conduits between visitors and businesses, but there's room for much improvement. This article is the first step toward improving the functionality of your web forms. Mar. 9, 2001