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Linux in the Enterprise

David HM Spector, a consultant on IT infrastructure, provides in-depth information about the use of Linux and Linux-based applications in enterprise settings.
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Unfinished Business Part 2: Closing the Circle
David HM Spector recently claimed that Linux is missing directory services. Of course, Active Directory is built around software already available for the free UNIXes. What's left? David examines the parts and pieces necessary to become a full-fledged directory member. Jul. 7, 2003

Unfinished Business: The One Missing Piece
With all of the work done on Linux in the past few years, there's only one missing piece preventing widespread adoption in the enterprise -- directory services. David HM Spector explores the history and current state of directory services, explaining why it's important to interoperate with Active Directory. Apr. 28, 2003

It's a Cycle of Life Thing: Managing Linux Releases
Linux distributions have grown in complexity and completeness over the past few years--and that's a good thing. Shipping a comprehensive list of utilities is a selling point for a distribution. Of course, this bundling can come at the price of upgrade ease. David HM Spector explores an old idea for improving enterprise Linux adoption by separating applications from the core OS. Mar. 17, 2003

Linux in the Enterprise at LWE 2003
This year's LWE 2003 had an understandable focus on Linux in the Financial Services industry -- it was practically next door to Wall Street. Though the economy has taken its toll on Linux companies, David HM Spector sees a bright future for Linux in the Enterprise. Here's what caught his eye at LinuxWorld NYC.  Feb. 18, 2003

CASE Tools: Large System Development
Computer-Aided Software Engineering is a term that can generally be applied to any system or collection of tools that helps automate the software-design and development process. David HM Spector discusses what is available for Linux.  Aug. 1, 2002

Ship in a Bottle
David H.M. Spector shows us how to get the most out of one computer by running multiple operating systems on it. He covers programs such as WINE, DOSEMU, Bochs, and User-Mode Linux. Jun. 6, 2002

Energizing Grid Computing
Distributed-style computing is a hot topic in the industry right now. David HM Spector introduces the Powerllel system for porting applications to grid computing on Linux. Apr. 25, 2002

Wireless Linux: Putting Wireless to Work
Most wireless networks consist of at least one wireless access point, or base station. David HM Spector shows how to configure the Apple's AirPort base station from Linux. Apr. 11, 2002

Introduction to Wireless
The low cost of wireless network equipment has brought this technology into the realm of affordability for most users, but will it replace all your wires? David HM Spector explains when and where to use wireless in your network. Sep. 20, 2001

Consolidating Servers Under Linux
David HM Spector explains how to reduce the number of servers that your company has to support and how to bring more services together on the servers that remain.  Aug. 16, 2001

Heading for a Safe Harbor in a Rough Market
Don't get caught in the next round of layoffs. David HM Spector has some helpful hints to leverage Linux and avoid becoming a victim of corporate downsizing. Jul. 26, 2001

Infrastructure Monitoring
David Spector shows us what software is commercially available to allow management of Linux in a 10,000 server enterprise environment. Sep. 14, 2000

Linux for Security Applications
David Spector explains basic Firewall and network security techniques. He also lists the basic tools that can be used, such as NMAP and IP Chains. Aug. 10, 2000

Linux in a Multivendor Environment
One of Linux's strongest suits is as an "interoperability agent" that can allow a company to support multiple platforms, such as Windows, Unix systems, NetWare, and Apple Macintoshes painlessly from one central server. Jul. 6, 2000

Linux Clusters - Using Linux for Power Computing
An overview of building Linux clusters and how a cluster can help many businesses that need supercomputer performance but have a workstation budget. Jun. 15, 2000

CYA for System Administrators
Some things to keep in mind when testing your network's security, given today's litigious society.  Apr. 19, 2000

Linux Tools For Network Analysis
Spector finds two tools for watching traffic: Ethereal and Netwatch. Mar. 3, 2000

Getting in the Door
A business plan to sell Linux to your boss. Feb. 8, 2000

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