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Switching to Mac OS X

For traditional Mac users and those new to the platform, switching to Mac OS X may at first seem daunting. But it's easier than most people think. Our authors take this process and organize it into manageable, easy to understand steps in our "Switch to Mac OS X" series.
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Utilities for Switching on the Cheap
Once you've migrated to Mac OS X, you'll probably find that you're missing a few of those handy utilities that make life so much easier. Here's a quick switcher's survival guide for Web producers and other online specialists. Sep. 24, 2002

Switcher Stories Follow Up
After Tim O'Reilly posted his article, "Mac OS X Switcher Stories," he discovered that many people wanted to keep the conversation going. This article does just that and includes some fascinating comments from those who reacted both positively and negatively to the notion of moving to Mac OS X from other platforms. Sep. 17, 2002

Using PC Peripherals on the Mac
Much of the "Switch" discussion has focused on computers and software. But what about those expensive peripherals Windows users have already invested in? Do they get tossed out the Window with XP? Wei Meng Lee says no. And he has the toys to back it up. Sep. 13, 2002

Ease into the Switch
When new users come to the Mac platform, they bring fresh eyes and sometimes keen observations, which are useful for all of us. Here, recent switcher Michael Brewer offers a bucket-full of useful Mac OS X tips that he put together the old-fashioned way. Aug. 30, 2002

Mac OS X Switcher Stories
After a visit to Microsoft, Tim O'Reilly began to wonder where the switchers to Mac OS X were really coming from. Were they migrating from Windows as portrayed in the ad campaigns, or was there something more curious under foot? Here's what he discovered. Aug. 21, 2002

I've Switched from Windows, Now What?
It's one thing to switch from Windows to Mac OS X in your spare time; it's another to do it on the job ... especially when you're a full-time Web producer. Here's the first installment by Terrie Miller who's documenting her switch to Mac OS X. No safety net required. Jun. 25, 2002

The Disaster-Free Upgrade to Mac OS 10.1
Is this the Mac system upgrade you've been waiting for, or is it still too early for you to make the leap? This article helps you decide, and if you choose to upgrade, how to do so painlessly. Sep. 28, 2001

The Disaster-Free Upgrade to Mac OS X -- Part 2
In the second part of this two-part series, Derrick Story describes a safe migration to Mac OS X for laptop users. May. 8, 2001

The Disaster-Free Upgrade to Mac OS X
You're tempted to upgrade to Mac OS X, but you need all the existing functionality of your laptop. Here's how to upgrade your laptop to OS X safely and still run your existing tools. May. 1, 2001