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Incredible Movies -- Free!
Almost 2,000 ephemeral films (industrial, educational, and advertising) from the early 1900s through the 1960s are available for free on the Net, thanks to film archivist Rick Prelinger. May. 30, 2003

Spam Busters
Spam has become a $10 billion problem for American businesses, and liability concerns could push that amount even higher. To help enterprise recipients fight back the rising tide, ActiveState convened a task force of open source spam fighters to address the problem. Apr. 16, 2003

The Next Revolution: Smart Mobs
What do you get when you mix together millions of cell phones and P2P-enabled computers with wireless Internet floating in the air and users reviewing products, sellers, and each other? Smart mobs. That's what Howard Rheingold, a keynoter at O'Reilly's upcoming Emerging Technology Conference, calls these folks. Read what he has to say about this third computing revolution. Mar. 13, 2003

Cory Doctorow's Bitchun' World: P2P Gone Wild
In the world of Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, you're always on the Net, reputation matters more than cash, and your life is on a hard disk. Sound familiar? Richard Koman interviews the author. Feb. 27, 2003

Robin Gross Seeks International IP Justice
The U.S. copyright industry's demands for legal protection have extended into Europe and the rest of the world. Richard Koman speaks with Robin Gross, an attorney working to help stem the wave of anti-consumer legislation. Feb. 20, 2003

Boucher: DMCA-Fixing Bill "Will Win"
The Digital Millennium Copyright Act is "one of the biggest barriers to innovation" ever adopted, says Representative Rick Boucher. To tear down those barriers, he has introduced a bill to decriminalize fair use copying. Richard Koman talks to the congressman. Jan. 13, 2003

Karl Auerbach: ICANN "Out of Control"
Richard Koman talks to Karl Auerbach, a public board member of ICANN and one of the Internet governing body's strongest critics. Dec. 5, 2002