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Glue Technology, Inc.

Glue Technology, Inc. delivers an open, Java and XML-based platform for integrating distributed applications and Web services in a seamless manner. Glueware is Glue Technology's premier software engine that serves as an open integration platform for bridging between legacy systems and applications for real-time collaboration and business process automation. Glueware's open-architecture conforms and supports business, industry, and technical standards, protocols, and technologies, such as SOAP, UDDI, WSDL, JXTA, BizTalk, ebXML, RosettaNet, .NET, HTTP, XA, XAML, XSL, WML, Open Applications Group (OASIS), and more. Clients include Qwest, Cablevision, Bellsouth, Advanced RadioTelecom (ART), Reuters, Telegea, Slamdunk Networks, Inc., Neon, KPMG, DTCC and Duke Energy.

Date Listed: 10/12/2001