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Named for the pen name of the 18th-century authors of The Federalist Papers (Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, James Madison), Publius is a web publishing system aimed at resisting censorship by inserting a layer of encryption that protects the anonymity of a publisher. As the project's web site explains: "Publius content is encrypted by the publisher and spread over some of the web servers. ... The publisher takes the key, K that is used to encrypt the file and splits it into n shares, such that any k of them can reproduce the original K, but k-1 give no hints as to the key. Each server receives the encrypted Publius content and one of the shares. At this point, the server has no idea what it is hosting -- it simply stores some random looking data. To browse content, a retriever must get the encrypted Publius content from some server and k of the shares. Mechanisms are in place to detect if the content has been tampered with."

Date Listed: 10/14/2000