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vTrails offers a cost-effective media delivery solution that leverages the power of peer-to-peer networking, smart routing and edge network capabilities. The vTrails System delivers high quality streaming content to large audiences while reducing bandwidth consumption by up to 90%, turning rich media from a traffic jam into a powerful business tool.

Watch the flash demonstration here

The many features of the vTrails System make it a compelling solution for Webcasters, Enterprise, ISPs, CDN and Streaming service providers:

  • Monitoring: Real-time system performance monitoring
  • Scalability: Supports any size audience of end-users without degrading the QoS
  • Quality of Service: Supports disconnections, network surges, high packet loss
  • Firewalls: Interoperates with most firewalls and proxies
  • Corporate LAN and NAT: Network load and bandwidth consumption minimized
  • Security: No access to data on disk and no command can be executed by the System
  • Cryptography: All streams are encoded and encrypted
  • Formats: Integrates with all streaming formats

Date Listed: 10/13/2000