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BadBlue's line of server products is designed to transform any client workstation into a powerful, search-enabled web server with built-in security features for creating and managing user accounts and passwords and restricting access to shared areas and virtual directories. The BadBlue system also provides users with the ability to share Microsoft Office files such as Excel spreadsheets and Word documents in real time, and supports CGI, ISAPI, PHP and popular web extensions. The BadBlue core small footprint server is only 65k and was designed for use within mobile and embedded devices. A version of the BadBlue Personal Edition is freely available for the Windows 95, 98, ME and NT 4 platforms. Two white papers, A Standards-based, P2P Approach to Marketplaces and Exchanges and BadBlue Platform Approach: A Web Server in every device, provide more details about the company's technology strategy.

Date Listed: 03/12/2001