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GUTS Media LLC develops Softwax, a Peer-To-Peer file sharing application for Windows 95/98/NT/2000. The software is primarily intended for licensing to Internet Service Providers (ISPs), portals, digital asset distributors, web sites, corporate intranets, and other locations where it's desirable to install a turnkey solution for adding P2P file sharing with security management. The company calls this focus "legitimate, niche file sharing". Users do not have unrestricted access to peer files in the secure environment.

The Softwax Broker component monitors each P2P transaction and authenticates it with a secure key. It also performs virus checking and can be set to disable infected files. Softwax can also employ filters for copyrighted materials. The system does not offer chat or instant messaging. The Softwax site includes a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) digest, and an online demonstration Softwax application called Shareshack, a P2P enabled e-zine for snowboarders that allows users to search for and download various media files. (Interacting with the demo requires a Windows based browser.)

Date Listed: 02/21/2001