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xS is an open source Java-based personal digital asset management system that enables people to organize anything they have that is digital--audio files, pictures, videos, etc., and share them with others. It also empowers users to control to define how they share different assets with others by storing complex meta-data about users' digital assets. xS comes out of the box with support for 3 different network protocols: XML over HTTP, RMI, DXP, xS' own custom protocol. The network protocols are written in an XML dialect I have created called Dax, so alternate clients can be written in other languages as long as they talk Dax. It has a pluggable network protocol architecture and a pluggable "ingest" architecture that provides a simple interface that can be used to build new ingest engines. (An "ingest engine" is code that reads a digital asset and determines initial meta-data from that stream, for instance, to analyze video for scenes and content.) xS comes with an MP3 ingest engine that reads MP3 ID3 tag info. xS stores its meta data in a pure-Java relational database, InstantDB. Other features include: multi-lingual capability (English, French, Dutch, and Spanish), multi-byte character set support, and the ability to perform complex queries, such as a search for "all songs with the word rain in them by the cure and the cult".

Date Listed: 02/27/2001