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Akamai Technologies, Inc.

Akamai Technologies' core intelligent mapping technology is known as EdgeAdvantage, an independently-controlled content distribution service (CCD) based on Peer-to-Peer technologies. The company was cofounded by Massachusetts Institute of Technology Laboratory for Computer Science (M.I.T. LCS) professor Tom Leighton, an expert in parallel algorithms, applied mathematics and fault tolerance in distributed networks. Akamai provides what is commonly known as content peering, the task of optimizing large and complex networks and keeping large sites up and serving content, applications and streaming media at usable rates. Akamai's FreeFlow service delivers content via its global network utilizing sophisticated algorithms developed by M.I.T. researchers. The service continuously monitors Internet conditions to discover the optimal "edge server" and delivery route for each request. Akamai's Digital Parcel Service (DPS) combines enhanced content delivery with digital rights management capabilities to form a licensed digital media content distribution system.

Date Listed: 03/10/2001