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Human-Links is a distributed searching environment that categorizes public information in a personalized and relevant manner in order to generate accurate responses tailored to each user's specific needs. The program functions as a shared neural network, based on a group of technologies that fall roughly within the disciplines of cognitive science and artificial intelligence, and derived from algorithms that stem from research in data compression and natural language translation. The "brain" of Human-Links' complex classification system identifies conceptual patterns in media documents to determine their actual meaning, so that it can be situated in relation to other works of greater or lesser relevance. Using this method, the system is able to develop a sense of how each user organizes the world as opposed to imposing a standardized cultural or linguistic lexicon. The system is designed on an open-source platform with public sockets targeted at third-party development communities.

Human-Links is owned by Amoweba, a cognitive science research and development company specializing in enterprise applications of neural networks, artificial intelligence and human-centered ergonomics. The company is actively seeking individuals interested in beta-testing and is even offering incentives (a vacation package to anywhere, Palm PDAs, and DVD players and discs) to entice test participants to turn in comprehensive results and refer friends to the program.

Date Listed: 05/31/2001