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Terazima, LLC.

Terazima provides distributed resource management products and solutions based on distributed computing technology. Terazima's peer-to-peer meta client enables multiple peer-to-peer networks to be accessed simultaneously, resultiing in greater positive search results and optimized file transfers. TeraPlatform is the company's distributed computing framework for building applications. TeraDrive is an end-to-end distributed storage management solution. An SDK is available upon request.

Terazima's core technology provides for the rapid development and deployment of new peer-to-peer protocols and clients that provide a range of varied services including: client/server communication, data-collection and analysis, on-line commerce, promotional integration, video file sharing and enterprise-friendly superdistribution. See Terazima's News section for details about the company's recent business partnerships and press coverage.

Date Listed: 06/04/2001