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   Linux FAQ > 6. Porting, Compiling and Obtaining Programs
Question:  6.1. How To Compile Programs.

Most Linux software is written in C and compiled with the GNU C compiler. GCC is a part of every Linux distribution. The latest compiler version, documentation, and patches are on

Programs that are written in C++ must be compiled with the GNU G++ compiler, which is also included in Linux distributions and available from the same place as GCC.

To build version 2.0.x kernels, you will need GCC version 2.7.2.x, approximately. Trying to build an early Linux kernel with a different compiler, like GCC 2.8.x, EGCS, or PGCC, may cause problems because of GCC related code dependencies. Kernel versions 2.3 and 2.4 should compile correctly with more recent compilers.

Information on the EGCS compiler is at

Note that at this time, the kernel developers are not answering bug requests for earlier kernels, but instead are concentrating on developing 2.4.x version kernels and maintaining 2.2.x version kernels.

[J.H.M. Dassen, Axel Boldt]

This FAQ is from Linux Frequently Asked Questions with Answers, maintained by Robert Kiesling

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