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   Linux FAQ > 6. Porting, Compiling and Obtaining Programs
Question:  6.2. How To Install GNU Software.

On a correctly configured system, installing a GNU software package requires four steps:

  • With the source.tar.gz archive in the /usr/src/ directory, or wherever you maintain your source files, untar and decompress the package with the command:

       tar zxvf package-name.tar.gz

  • Run the ./configure script in the untarred source archive's top-level directory with whatever command line arguments you need. The options that configure recognizes are usually contained in a file called INSTALL or README.

  • Run make. This will build the source code into an executable program (or programs) and may take a few minutes or a few hours, depending on the speed of the computer and the size of the package.

  • Run make install. This will install the compiled binaries, configuration files, and any libraries in the appropriate directories.

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