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   Linux FAQ > 7. Solutions to Common Miscellaneous Problems
Question:  7.21. How To Make Sure the System Boots after Re-Installing the Operating System.

This should work whether you're re-installing Linux or some other, commercial, operating system:

  • Insert a blank, formatted floppy in drive A:

  • Save a copy of the boot hard drive's Master Boot Record to the floppy, by executing the command:

    #dd if=/dev/hda of=/dev/fd0 count=1

    dd is a standard program on Linux systems. A MS-Windows compatible version is available from, as well as many MS software archives.

  • Test that the floppy boots the system by rebooting with the floppy in the A: drive.

  • Then you should be able to install the other operating system (on a different hard drive and/or partition, if you don't want to uninstall Linux).

  • After installation, boot Linux again from the floppy, and re-install the MBR with the command: /sbin/lilo.

[Jacques Guy]

This FAQ is from Linux Frequently Asked Questions with Answers, maintained by Robert Kiesling

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