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   Linux FAQ > 9. Miscellaneous Information and Questions Answered
Question:  9.11. How Does One Pronounce Linux?

This question produces an outrageous amount of heated debate.

If you want to hear Linus himself say how he pronounces it, download or from If you have a sound card or the PC-speaker audio driver you can hear them by typing

   $ cat >/dev/audio

The difference isn't in the pronunciation of Linux but in the language Linus uses to say, "hello."

For the benefit of those who don't have the equipment or inclination: Linus pronounces Linux approximately as Leenus, where the "ee" is pronounced as in "feet," but rather shorter, and the "u" is like a much shorter version of the French "eu" sound in "peur" (pronouncing it as the "u" in "put" is probably passable).

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