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   Linux FAQ > 13. Acknowledgments and Administrivia
Question:  13.2. Formats in Which This FAQ Is Available.

This document is available as an ASCII text file, an HTML World Wide Web page, Postscript, PDF, and as a USENET news posting.

Section and item numbers are generated with Perl. HTML is generated from SGML source using the Jade DSSSL interpreter by James Clark. Text versions are generated using lynx and edited with sed, which are part of most Linux distributions.

The Usenet version is posted regularly to news.answers, comp.answers, and comp.os.linux.misc. It is archived at

For Postscript and PDF versions, please contact the FAQ maintainer.

If you would like to receive the archived version of the FAQ by E-mail, send the following in the body of an E-mail message to

   send faqs/linux/faq

Text, HTML, and SGML versions are available from the Linux archives at, and from, but they may be out of date, owing to lack of time on the LDP maintainers' parts.

The latest text and HTML versions are available at and directly from the FAQ maintainer,

This FAQ is from Linux Frequently Asked Questions with Answers, maintained by Robert Kiesling

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