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   Linux FAQ > 13. Acknowledgments and Administrivia
Question:  13.4. Disclaimer and Copyright.

Linux Frequently Asked Questions with Answers may be reproduced and distributed in its entirety (including this authorship, copyright, and permission notice), provided that no charge is made for the document itself, without the author's consent. This includes "fair use" excerpts like reviews and advertising, and derivative works like translations.

Note that this restriction is not intended to prohibit charging for the service of printing or copying the document.

These conditions are in addition to the regular LDP distribution license, at

Exceptions to these rules may be granted. I would be happy to answer any questions regarding this copyright. E-mail me at As the license, referred to above, says, these restrictions are here to protect the contributors, not to restrict you as educators and learners.


This FAQ is from Linux Frequently Asked Questions with Answers, maintained by Robert Kiesling

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