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   Linux FAQ > 3. Network Sources and Resources
Question:  3.4. What News Groups Are There for Linux?

Comp.os.linux.announce is the moderated announcements group. You should read this if you intend to use Linux. It contains information about software updates, new ports, user group meetings, and commercial products. It is the only newsgroup that may carry commercial postings. Submissions for that group should be e-mailed to

Comp.os.linux.announce is archived at:, and

Also worth reading are the following other groups in the comp.os.linux.* and alt.uu.comp.os.linux.* hierarchies—you may find many common problems too recent for the documentation but are answered in the newsgroups.

  • alt.uu.comp.os.linux

  • alt.uu.comp.os.linux.questions

  • alt.os.linux

  • alt.os.linux.mandrake

  • comp.os.linux.admin

  • comp.os.linux.advocacy

  • comp.os.linux.alpha

  • comp.os.linux.answers

  • comp.os.linux.development

  • comp.os.linux.development.apps

  • comp.os.linux.development.system

  • comp.os.linux.embedded

  • comp.os.linux.hardware


  • comp.os.linux.m68k

  • comp.os.linux.misc


  • comp.os.linux.networking

  • comp.os.linux.portable

  • comp.os.linux.powerpc

  • comp.os.linux.questions

  • comp.os.linux.redhat


  • comp.os.linux.setup

  • comp.os.linux.test

  • comp.os.linux.x


Remember that Linux is POSIX compatible, and most all of the material in the comp.unix.* and* groups will be relevant. Apart from hardware considerations, and some obscure or very technical low-level issues, you'll find that these groups are good places to start.

Information about e-mail clients (MUA's), mail transfer agents (MTA's), and other related software are in the comp.mail.* groups, especially:

  • comp.mail.misc

  • comp.mail.pine

  • comp.mail.sendmail

Questions and information about News reading software are in:

Please read "If this Document Still Hasn't Answered Your Question...." before posting. Cross posting between different comp.os.linux.* groups is rarely a good idea.

There may well be Linux groups local to your institution or area—check there first.

See also "How To Get Information without Usenet Access."

Other regional and local newsgroups also exist—you may find the traffic more manageable there. The French Linux newsgroup is fr.comp.os.linux. In Germany there is de.comp.os.linux.*. In Australia, try aus.computers.linux. In Croatia there is hr.comp.linux. In Italy, there is it.comp.linux.

A search of can provide an up-to-date list of News groups.

[Axel Boldt, Robert Kiesling]

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