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Question:  C.15 How do I upload or download XML to/from a database?

Ask your database manufacturer: they all provide XML import and export modules. In some trivial cases there will be a 1:1 match between field and element types; in most cases some programming is required to establish the matches, but this can usually be stored as a procedure so that subsequent uses are simply commands or calls with the relevant parameters.

Users from a database or computer science background should be aware that XML is not a database management system: it is a text markup system. While there are many similarities, some of the concepts of one are simply non-existent in the other: XML does not possess some database-like features in the same way that databases do not possess markup-like ones. It is a common error to believe that XML is a DBMS like Oracle or Access and therefore possesses the same facilities. It doesn't. [PF]

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